Germany: 13 million pigs end up in the garbage


The man in the pigsty looks at the animal. For days, the fattening pig had hardly moved in the bay, the hind legs can not use it anymore, it is pushed by its conspecifics, annoyed and nibbled.
After a while, the man brings a wooden club, opens the gate and presses on the skull of the animal. Again and again until it stops moving.



But it is not dead! after a while – the man is long gone – it raises his head, trying to get up. Only half an hour later, the employee comes back and sets a bolt gun on the head of the animal – after several minutes of agony, in which the pig crawling through the whole grid box, the animal finally dies.

All this is on video, filmed for a week by a hidden camera in the pig farm of Woosmerhofer Land Producer in Vielank in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany).



In Germany, every fifth pig born for the meat industry does not reach the age of slaughter because it is ill or injured. In numbers, this means that 13.6 million pigs in German breeding and fattening systems die each year before reaching the planned age of slaughter.



A worker hits the pig on the head with a piece of wood to kill it. After ten strokes it is still alive and conscious: it moves and raises its head.

More than half an hour later, the worker stuns the suffering pig with a bolt shot. The prescribed immediate killing by a throat cut – before it wakes up again – is omitted.

The pig dies only after several minutes of agony.
The fact that pigs are regularly killed in this farm shows shots from a different area of the facility.

There, blood-spattered young pigs, so-called runners, are thrown into the cadaver barrels.



The indifferent reactions of the workers make it clear that this procedure must be everyday practice here.

This is the logical consequence of an ideology that considers animals as goods: the life and death of these animals is decided on their own economic benefit. Their millions of suffering and even clear legal prohibitions play no role in the animal industry.



Please sign the Petition of ARIWA:

My comment: It is an organized crime that sees the light of the public only thanks to the undercover investigations by animal rights activists.

The photographs were filmed with hidden cameras installed in the two pigsties of the livestock farms from the end of January and the beginning of February to May 2019, and a team shot with a mobile camera.

And nevertheless! Even if they come to light, the maximum impact is that the slaughterhouse employee, the “black sheep”, will be fired without notice, and the prosecutor closes the case for lack of evidence.
Everyone returns to their everyday lives and the case is forgotten.

Obviously, this crime in animal welfare is not rated as economic crime as in any other industry, and therefore remains without punishable consequences in Germany.
The ARIWA organization calls the animal industry a “lawless area”!

Several times a year activists publish new photos or videos from mass animal husbandry. Every time bad pictures that no one can bear.

For two days it gets excited, the slaughterhouse operators assert that there are isolated cases, then continue as before. The German citizens are simply not interested in animals being tormented. It is only important that you buy meat for less than 2, – € / kg to put it on the 900, – € grill.

For years, the “stinginess is cool” mentality maintained, and every meal must be made of meat, which calls the German “life standard” and then one wonders if our planet is destroyed, and why the production conditions are so catastrophic. Our species is shit ..

My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. Our morals are seen through our attitude towards those who are totally dependent on our grace – animals, children and old people.Our species is made up of 99% immoral and 1% moral people.

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