World Vegan Day



We reject the distinction between humans and animals.
We even consider it as dangerous.
For us, every living being has the right to freedom, life and happiness.
Not to eat animals, not to carry them, not to enslave them is not a religion’s motto.
It is a moral duty.
Who eats animals and their products, gives the order of a murder.
It’s called food, we call it murder. We, the vegans!


We know that humanity is still a long way from understanding and accepting that.
But we firmly believe this idea grows with each passing day, we are already many.
And that’s why we do not give up.
That’s what we owe our mandates.
We remain faithful to them and continue to fight for the abolition of exploitation and slavery of all nonhuman animals.

My best regards, Venus

One Response

  1. We, the vegans of the vanguard of humanity, are tasked with freeing all animals and humans from the enslavement of money. We run: money free, animal liberation and human liberation nonviolent silent revolution. Be Vegan , Don’t be Killer , I agree with Venus :there are here only these 2 solution.

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