Animal Liberation




With this beautiful video we let the day fade away.
Let us hope that there will be more and more people who will liberate animals from suffering, pain and injustice and give them what they deserve: love, freedom, happiness.

Good night to all from Venus

One Response

  1. I suggest this way:
    just as lung cancer smokers have offset the damage from the tobacco industry, can act meat, milk, eggs consumers if are ill by some chronic noncommunicable disease : cancers , heart diseases, brain diseasees etc. Tobacco is danger but animal proteins are much more danger then tobacco.When they pay huge sums of money to compensate people who have been injured or killed by cancers, and other chronic non-communicable diseases – they will reclaim and close the farms and slaughterhouse themselves, they will close the slaughterhouses and farms themselve- before or after bankruptcy.

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