Silent black night over the world!


While the fir trees are shining all over the world, the world is on fire.
The earth is burning and that is not an exaggeration. The forests of this earth are burning worldwide.


Whether in Latin America, Africa, Australia, Asia or in Europe.
In Latin America, 471,000 hectares of forest were burned within five days.
From January to August 2019, a total of 75,336 fires broke out in Brazil.



Indonesia continues to burn – According to the Indonesian Civil Protection Agency, more than 400,000 hectares were burned this year alone, just to grow more palm oil!



The forests are also burning in Africa – Uganda loses an average of 100,000 hectares of forest area per year.

Hundreds of thousands of fires were counted in Angola or in the Democratic Republic of the Congobecause palm oil is also cultivated here and raw materials are harvested.


And in Australia, Sydney disappears in the smoke and thousands of hectares of forest have been destroyed. An end is not visible – because while winter has started here, summer begins in Australia.

With these many global fires, many animals and people lost not only their lives, but also their homes.


The Christmas tree became a symbol of the burning forest!
A moving art installation in the heart of Sydney supports the victims of bushfires before a very challenging Christmas.



It was made from materials collected in the fire-destroyed New South Wales.

It consists of tree branches, a burned bike, a destroyed fire alarm and other debris left behind by the fatal fires.

The artist James Dive designed the artwork, which is surrounded by colorful gifts.

Merry Christmas! For whom?

And I mean..The earth burns, animals burn and scream and are slaughtered millions of times, but on this holy night we thunder our chorals next to the crib and pray to God for peace and joy, as if we were not the ones responsible for the destruction of the earth and animals.

Oh! you silent, holy night and your hypocritical servants …

Best regards to all, Venus


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