India: Latest (March) Rescue Videos From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Watch all of the videos below by clicking on the following link:

One of the rescues we’ve featured this week is of puppies who got stuck in tar. People often want to know how is it that road tar wasn’t properly disposed, or why there is there so much garbage? The answers are not easy because so much intersects: India experienced a relatively sudden introduction of non-disposable plastics and other materials in a culture that values tolerance, even of things that are offensive. The toxins and dangers in this environment are present around the world, often more lethal, but more hidden. But wherever we live, there are beings who suffer because of human negligence. This video about removing the tar from puppies’ little bodies, however, focuses on the opposite phenomenon: human kindness. Watch the faces of the band of helpers who worked so carefully for hours and hours to make sure these little angels would be happy again.

Hours of effort saved Amber and her sisters locked in rock-solid tar.

Three gorgeous puppies were encased in hardened road tar when our rescue team arrived, and their sibling had died from the toxic hardened tar. Two of the three had made their way back to their mother with tar over half their little bodies.

But one was stuck to the earth, and to avoid pulling her skin off, rescuers had to cut and pry big slabs of stone and tar to carry with her to the hospital where all 3 puppies would undergo hours of labor as Animal Aid staff and volunteers softened the tar by soaking it in cooking oil and pulling it off little bit by bit.

The puppies’ little faces could not have looked more forlorn. By the time the tar was removed, they were soooo exhausted. But all the more WONDERFUL to see them playing in joy after a good night’s sleep in the furry warmth of their Mommy.

Removing tar is difficult, but LOVE is easyPlease donate



After we repaired her neck wound, Sunny-day glowed!

Her skin hung heavily on her throat, detached by a 4-inch cut that exposed all of this sweet dog’s neck muscles. She would need stitches to survive, and when our rescue team arrived, she let us scoop her up without the slightest resistance. We were relieved to see that the edges of the cut were clean enough that suturing was possible. When she healed, she simply glowed. We named her Sunny-day, and wow, just look at her now!

For surgery to save precious souls, please donate.



Stitching this wound saved precious Nugget’s life.


Blood from a deep wound on this sweetheart’s thigh had soaked his hind legs and tail, but that tail wagged in the most earnest announcement of trust, enabling our rescue team to gently and quietly carry him to our ambulance and stitch him up in the hospital. Meet adorable Nugget, whose cheerful and subtle little smile will charm your socks off.

For badly injured tail-waggers. Please donate.

Celebrate the Caregivers!

Himmat Gameti has for 2 years grown in his ability at a tremendous rate. He manages the care of dogs in our Spay-Neuter Center where he ensures that both routine feeding and special post-operative medical care are provided “his” 80 ever-changing surgery patients. Himmat is observant, communicative, fast and thorough. He’s also a big sweetheart and we feel so lucky to have his brilliant help as a team leader.


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