U.S: Inside the laboratory hell Johns Hopkins University


USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) inspectors found numerous troubling animal welfare violations, including housing monkeys separately in barren cages and allowing them to suffer from untreated medical conditions.


This monkey is overweight and has severe alopecia. Inspectors noted that JHU had no plan to treat either problem—she was simply left to suffer with her baby in a barren cage.


Monkeys, normally gentle, social animals, were kept separated, alone in empty metal cages barely large enough for them to turn around in, with nothing to make their lives worth living.


The gentle monkey pictured above, who doesn’t even have a toy to play with as a distraction from the unrelenting loneliness, suffers from alopecia, a condition that results in hair loss.

The monkey may also be tearing his or her own hair out as a result of the stress of confinement and the absence of peers with whom to engage in mutual grooming, which is what monkeys do in exchange for food, sex, and friendship.

Hair loss is seen in many of the photographs of monkeys in laboratories at JHU.

Their stress levels skyrocket in laboratory settings, where extreme isolation and deprivation are interrupted only by unpredictable humans, who frequently inflict pain on them during experiments.

Monkeys caged alone, as USDA inspectors have photographed in JHU labs, tend to exhibit “stereotypic behavior,” such as repetitive movements like pacing, circling, swinging, and rocking, to alleviate their mental anguish and to try to cope with their inadequate environment.


This is another gentle monkey at JHU whose hair has almost completely fallen out. The only hair left is on the head and wrists.


Kept in these austere settings, monkeys may suffer from psychological trauma.

They often pace, pull out their own hair, and bite themselves in a desperate attempt to experience any kind of stimulation in their utterly deprived lives.

The public deserves to know what takes place behind the locked doors of JHU’s laboratories, where experimenters conduct crude animal tests, often receiving taxpayer funds for them.

PETA is fighting to shine the bright light of public scrutiny on these experiments. We have known for decades that monkeys need companionship, access to outdoor spaces, and much more than a laboratory can provide.

This is another shot of the monkey and her baby, both suffering from severe alopecia, which JHU apparently ignored. There was no treatment plan for either monkey.

JHU’s repeated failure to comply with the AWA is shameful.

Below are just some of JHU’s violations of federal animal welfare regulations as noted by the USDA:

    • June 10, 2019: A marmoset died after a laboratory worker closed the cage door on him or her, causing hemorrhaging and trauma to the neck.

    • February 15, 2017: A young macaque was found dead in the outdoor portion of her enclosure. Her head had become caught inside a ball used for enrichment, which had a hole chewed into it sufficient to allow her entire head to become entrapped. Although the necropsy was not conclusive, the facility determined that the cause of death was likely prolonged exposure to the cold combined with the stress of not being able to free her head.

    • July 12, 2016: Two baboon cages had loops of water lines entering from the top, creating a possible strangulation hazard; two racks of rabbit enclosures had water nipples that did not fully reach into the cages, making it difficult for the animals to access fresh water; three primates were singly housed and had no visual contact with peers; and there were 17 instances of expired medications.

    • March 31, 2016: Johns Hopkins received an Official Warning Letter for its failure to ensure the psychological well-being of primates. Eight primates were noted to have significant hair loss at the time of inspection. Some of them were not given adequate treatment.

An I mean…It doesn’t take long to think about what all these high-paying Mengele are capable of, when they use senseless violence and torture against these defenseless animals without the slightest scruple.
Being aware that all these is just for career and money and nothing more.

The worst experience about animal experiments has hit us all recently: These worldwide laboratory mafia has been experimenting with all types of animal diseases for years and cannot even defeat a poor virus today!

That just shows how much trust we can have in animal experiments.

It is a crime that the state uses our money to support a murder machinery.



My best regards to all, Venus


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