Germany: crimes in the dairy industry


Injured downer and pregnant milk cow left alone.

Again and again people report injured or sick animals, which are hidden behind scrap yards and cannot even get up. The farmers then like to speak of individual cases.

We discovered such a gruesome case near Stade, Lower Saxony three weeks ago. The injured animal has been lying there for at least 1 1/2 days, the animal is emaciated, obviously injured in the hind leg and cannot get up.



Such high-performance cows need a lot of feed and water. They constantly produce masses of milk and suffer agony if they are not milked. The farm is known for bad conditions in the village and has been reported to the veterinary office several times.

Citizens report observations a few weeks ago of how a cow was placed in the same place and left to die.

We immediately informed the Veterinary Office today. Unfortunately, the answer is not surprising: The only employee responsible for animal protection cases is out of the house and, due to a lack of personnel, he is unable to act in the next few hours. We then asked the police for support.

We have heard from third parties that there is now a check about 5 hours after the first report. The farmer has now blocked the field of vision with a tractor.



SOKO animal protection. Downer Cow case update:

As the district reports, the cow was very pregnant and was unable to get up or move significantly.

If the animal is unable to get up, the apparent slurry of liquid manure that emerges from a yellow pipe under the animal is certainly a poor surface for attempts to stand up.

Finally, the question arises: if the animal cannot walk, how did it get there?

The animal was released as part of the inspection on the instructions of the authority. The district speaks of “no animal protection case” and “no gross misconduct by the animal owner”.



The Office did not respond to the question from SOKO animal welfare, how the animal was brought there. The press release says that organic causes could not be determined.

An autopsy, which SOKO animal welfare requested, did not take place.

So it remains in the dark why the animal was in poor condition.

The district did not answer the following questions:

6) Have fines or periodic penalties been imposed?

7) Was the company already known and had a history of animal welfare and / or hygiene issues?

8) How often has the company been checked in the past?

9) Has the rest of the barn been examined?

So a weak animal with a dangerous, difficult birth was left alone, day and night. What was previously done for the mother and her unborn child? Why doesn’t this stable even have a protected birth area for such cases?

The injury that you can see on the distance pictures was not even mentioned and the exploitation for milk is back on the agenda.


And I mean…Germany is the largest milk producer in the EU. This is made possible by the turbo cows and the agricultural lobby, which is an incredibly powerful device.

And oh yes, the farmers …

a) they show solidarity with the only party in parliament that has officially recognized fascists in leadership positions,
b) they insist on using pesticides even in nature reserves,
c) they absolutely want to continue poisoning the groundwater,
d) they are not interested in animal welfare but they are only howling, howling and howling …

They also protest against the anesthetic during piglet castration, are jointly responsible for groundwater contamination, insect mortality and antibiotic resistance.



They find it completely ok to put pigs in cages for 4 months, in which they cannot turn around, mothers take away their children, kill excess piglets and if they have exploited cows enough, they let them die without help or they sell the, illegal, in order to make the last money again.


They keep thousands of animals in stalls, densely crowded, with no activity or daylight.
The animals stand on slatted floors in their own shit, which then accumulates as manure.

How much groundwater is contaminated by the manure? The farmers never answered the question.

And then they are offended when we say that they enjoy treating the animals as if they were a piece of shit.
So, yes: obviously they enjoy it.

And even more if they conduct this cruelty to animals with the support of the authority.

My best regards to all, Venus


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