A hundred years ago


The Spanish flu, the most deadly in modern times, lasted from January 1918-December 1919 and killed approximately 50 million people worldwide, nearly 675,000 in the United States.

This deadly airborne strain affected everyone. Efforts to curb the flu required people to wear face masks and public meetings were discouraged.

Saloons, dance halls, and theaters were recommended to close. In some towns store hours were staggered to prevent crowds.

People were advised to avoid shaking hands and to stay indoors, libraries put a halt on lending books and regulations were passed banning spitting.

At the time there were no effective drugs or vaccines to treat this strain or prevent its spread. Researchers later discovered what made the 1918 pandemic so deadly: In many victims, the influenza virus had invaded their lungs and caused pneumonia.

(Photograph courtesy of the Saratoga Historical Foundation)

And…A hundred years after the Spanish flu, there are still no effective medicines or vaccines to treat the corona or prevent it from spreading.
And we claim that medicine works wonders today!

Regards and a good night from Venus


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