USA: the case “Lattin”

PETA has obtained new records revealing that serial bird killer Christine Lattin, now at Louisiana State University (LSU), has embarked on another installment of her continuing effort to rid the world of joy with a new round of pointless experiments that involve killing and dismembering birds.

This time, it appears that they may violate local bird protection laws.

Lattin has tormented and killed birds in bizarre experiments since 2008. The mountain of bird carcasses left after past experiments have led to such banal “discoveries” as “birds do not like captivity” and “birds think crude oil tastes icky.”

That her sadistic experiments have not contributed to the promotion of science, however, is apparently no matter to the Louisiana Board of Regents, which awarded her more than $117,000 to torment and kill 184 wild-caught sparrows over a three-year span that began in June 2019.

This is what passes for science, and it’s unfortunately in line with Lattin’s previous cruelty, which included feeding birds crude oil, wounding their legs, plucking large amounts of their feathers, and causing them stress and fear by confining them to cloth bags and giving them drugs that damage their adrenal glands.

Lattin must not continue her reign of terror on wild birds. Killing these sensitive, trusting beings who have chosen to live in such close proximity to humans is unjust and wrong.

Please, take action below and urge LSU to end her cruelty.


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And for more…at


And I mean: in some ways, Lattin’s story is nothing new. PETA and other animal rights groups have hounded researchers for decades in hopes of shutting down animal experiments in the United States and elsewhere.

Oversight systems in laboratories favor experimenters and often fail the animals they are supposed to protect. Birds are excluded from the only law that offers any protection for animals in laboratories.

No experiment is illegal.

That’s why Lattin has gotten away with killing at least 250 birds, as well as chemically damaging birds’ adrenal glands, wounding their legs using a biopsy punch (with no painkillers), rattling their cages every two minutes, restraining them in a cloth bag and feeding them crude oil. And she’s looking for more victims.

These experiments cause massive suffering and aren’t applicable to conservation, human health, or other birds. This is a crime funded by taxpayer money.

For its part, PETA says it has no intention of ending its campaign. “We’ll stop the moment Yale says ‘No more,’ and not 1 minute before that.  We looked at Lattin because her experiments are so horrible,” says Kathy Guillermo, a senior vice president at the organization in charge of the Lattin campaign.

“If she was a 60-year-old male with tenure, we’d been doing the exact same thing.”

But Lattin is equally defiant. “I am not going to stop,” she says. “PETA is not going to win.”

Of course! This is the language of all psychopaths who have no regrets and no moral concerns about their actions.

My best regards to all, Venus

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  1. It is necessary to legalize the death penalty for criminals like this, as soon as possible.

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