Spain: Investigation – Chickens Suffer On Factory Farms; But An EU Problem, Not Just Spain.




Hi Mark,

Animal Equality’s latest investigation, carried out with the Spanish news website Público, has shed a light on the atrocities that are common in chicken farms across Europe.

Selectively bred to grow to huge weights in a matter of weeks so that the industry has more meat to sell, and more money to make, many of the birds we filmed were unable to stand because of the sheer size of their bodies. With no veterinary care, the painful sores and burns on their skin went untreated, and the corpses of those who didn’t survive were left to rot on the urine-soaked floor. These shocking conditions are typical in Europe, and we’ve filmed similar scenes inside British chicken farms too.

Almost 700 million chickens are slaughtered each year in Spain, with many of them exported to other countries. This makes it one of Europe’s biggest chicken producers, although an even larger number of chickens are raised and killed in the UK – nearly a staggering one billion every year.

Our investigative work has again exposed the horrendous reality of conditions inside typical factory farms, shattering the idyllic image that the meat industry often tries to hide behind.

Tragically, it’s too late to save the chickens we filmed on this farm, but you can help countless others just like them, by choosing to eat plant-based options more often. For recipes, advice and more, head to our Love Veg website.

Thank you,

Abigail Penny

Executive Director, Animal Equality UK


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