More EU ‘Animal Welfare’ Meetings. 15/6/20.

WAV Comment:


Good to see at least that Andrea (Gavinelli); one head of unit at DG SANTE is going to be speaking at this event. I used to send Andrea a lot of letters and info when I was EU correspondent for a English live export campaign group in the more recent past.

Andrea is a good man and I always found him to be supportive of our work to stop live animal transport. Although he is now a head of unit; he sadly still comes under the control of Bernard (I can do nothing) Van Goethem. We hope that in the 15 minutes allocated to Mr Gavinelli to speak; regarding Animal welfare within the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy, he will push for a reduction / ban on the transport on live animals within the EU

As we have shown in very recent posts; if South Africa and Australia can take action on the issue of live animal transport; then the EU can do the same. As with most EU issues, there is a mafia type control (the meat mafia) which prevents the wishes of EU citizens coming into force.

It is sad when an organisation such as the EU, which claims to ‘represent the people’; does exactly the opposite and in reality, represents only the mafia style operators who wish to see live animal transport continue. There has been a ‘crisis’ in live animal transport within the EU for years – and its head (Van Goethem) does nothing about the crisis; he simply holds his hands up and says ‘I can do nothing’.



Regards Mark.


1115 – 1130 am – morning session – Animal welfare within the Farm to Fork strategy.

Andrea Gavinelli, Head of Unit, Directorate Crisis Management in Food, Animals and Plants, DG SANTE



Animal welfare: 7th meeting of the EU Platform to take place on Monday 15 June

On Monday 15 June, Health and Food Safety Commissioner, Stella Kyriakides, will participate in the EU Platform on Animal Welfare for the first time. She will present the key animal welfare actions as part of the newly adopted Farm to Fork Strategy. Over the next five years, the Commission will conduct an ambitious programme, including an evaluation of the legislation, and will consider options to better inform consumers on animal welfare. For this purpose, the Commission will announce the creation of a subgroup on labelling under the Platform. The one-day meeting will be web-streamed (from 09:30 CET).

More information:


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