Australia: The Al Kuwait Has Set Sail With 35,000 Suffering Sheep. Take Action Now (see below) and Let the Trade and Politicians Know How You Feel About It.



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WAV Comment:

As with Animals Australia, the RSPCA Australia, and (here) the crew at Stop Live, we are united in our support for everyone who is fighting this disgusting trade in sentient beings.

Below; in ‘What to do now’; SLE have given a series of things which you can do to follow up the Al Kuwait shipment which took place yesterday. The vast majority of good people are against the abusers who undertake this business; and they know public opinion is against them vastly.

We currently are still fighting live animal exports here within the EU and there is also the case of live calves being exported by the Scottish, via the English port of Ramsgate.

Decent people around the world are wholeheartedly against this abusive trade in live animals. We are proud to be pert of the team and do what we can to support the innocent animals that need us more than ever.

Please take actions as detailed in the ‘what to do now’ links below. Phone, e mail, anything, but please do something. The sheep are on the way to terrible deaths in a foreign land now; and sadly there is nothing much which can now be done to help them. But politics is politics; and politicians need your votes and your support. Please don’t support any political parties or politicians who support this trade – and let them know it ! – they can run but they cannot hide. They will always be remembered as abusive supporters of an abusive trade.   Get them our of their positions; and soon.


Regards Mark

Dear Mark;

As you may or may not be aware, we held a flash protest down at the port yesterday evening as the Al Kuwait loaded 35,000 sheep bound for Kuwait, 17 days after the 1 June deadline. If you were able to make it down there to join us, thank you. If the notice was too short or you didn’t hear about it (or you’re in another state or territory), we’re sorry – due to the CoViD19 restrictions, we had to apply for a police permit and were also awaiting the results fo Animals Australia’s federal court action to apply for an injunction to stop the ship loading.

All pictures – Renee Denys

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On 2 June, an exemption to the Northern Summer Trade moratorium was denied to Emanuel Exports’ sister company, Rural Export & Trading WA (RETWA), by Tina Hutchence, Assistant Secretary to the Live Export branch of the federal Department of Agriculture (the branch that acts as the “Independent” Regulator of the trade). A second application was received by RETWA, and on Saturday 13 June, an exemption was granted by David Hazlehurst, Deputy Secretary of the federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE).

How this all came about and the legislation and rules for exemptions is a long and convoluted story I won’t go into here, but needless to say, the federal government legislated the northern summer ban to offer some protection to sheep being sent into the Middle East, with a ban on shipping sheep there from 1 June to 14 September inclusive. They then proved that legislation useless, by granting an exemption to RETWA’s parent company, Kuwaiti Livestock Transport & Trading (KLTT), despite there being no exceptional circumstances to merit such an exemption.


At the rally, we asked you to do six things:

1/ Email Tina Hutchison who denied the exemption, and say THANK YOU for upholding the legislation and looking after the welfare of the sheep by denying the original application for an exemption:

2/ Email David Hazlehurst and let him know what you think of his decision, and what a mockery it has made for the Summer Trade Ban Order 2020. Be firm, honest, but please do not use threats or physical violence or resort to name-calling.

35,000 sheep will be heading out of 21 degrees Fremantle and into 45+ degree Kuwait to have their throats cut whilst fully conscious after it had already been found ELEVEN days ago that exporting them after the deadline posed significant risks to their welfare:

3/ Have a chat with David Littleproud. Whilst it was his decision to grant the exemption, and it was under his watch the more restrictions to the trade were introduced, we feel he should know how the public feels about this horrendous decision by the Deputy Secretary:

Parliamentary Office: (02) 6277 7190 

He also has THREE electoral offices in Queensland:
(07) 46622715
(07) 4622 7166
(07) 4661 2494

4/ Email the CEO of the Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC), Mark Harvey-Sutton.

Tell him to get a real job that doesn’t involve subjecting animals to pain and suffering.

5/ Leave feedback on the DAWE website. Oops – that page has been removed since this yesterday… we wonder if the phone number still works. Call 1800 900 090

6/ Contact your local federal MP and all 12 WA Senators (or Senators in your state or territory). Go HERE,
scroll down and enter your postcode. That will bring up your local MP and all your Senators – click on the email icon, or call them if you prefer that.

Let them know what you think – they are elected to represent YOU.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and if you are not a member or donor yet, you can make a one-off, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual donation via GiveNow by credit card or direct debit and the fees are about 1/10 of PayPal. Regular small donations are of the greatest assistance to our campaign. Any donation over $25 in a year counts as membership and we’ll send you some stickers if you’re a new member.

Help us help them.

Katrina Love
Campaign Manager
Stop Live Exports

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