Switzerland: Tilda escapes death in the slaughterhouse

These are incredible scenes that passersby happened to document in front of a Swiss slaughterhouse last Friday.
When unloading a slaughter transporter, a cattle panicked in such a way that it tried to save its life by leaping over the gang of an animal transporter.

Tilda-the freedom fighter, trying to escape

Animal transport is pure stress for cattle, but also pigs, horses, sheep, and other animals for slaughter.
Blood, excrement, the desperate screams of their peers, the unfamiliar surroundings put the animals in mortal fear.

The reactions to it are different: some literally roar their fear out of the lungs, others are introverted and try to hide.

A fighter one tried to escape on Friday.

The horrified passers-by were able to capture the death-defying jump from a height of several meters and the subsequent escape across the grounds in photographs and films.

In horror, they contacted the Papillon sanctuary, described what had happened, and asked for advice.
We from Papillon Sanctuary immediately asked for a friend’s grace yard for cows, the Villa Kuhnterbunt by Bea Gutzwiller, and decided to rescue the refugee freedom fighter together.

To our astonishment, the head of the slaughterhouse and his coworkers were happy, even asked where she was going and a randomly present craftsman benevolently gave the passer-by a 20-franc note as a reward for the rescue (!!!)

Tilda-in security

For more…at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/06/23/switzerland-tilda-escapes-death-in-the-slaughterhouse/


And I mean…Tilda will definitely get a sponsor. Many animals in many other countries have that.

What is difficult to find in many other countries is the courage and the intelligent decision like that of the Swiss witnesses to inform a sanctuary and not the hunter to shoot the animal directly “for safety reasons”!

That would have been the case in Germany !!

Many factors play a role in how develops a society’s behavior towards animals.

It is the education from home, from school, the state animal welfare, and last but not least the financial situation of a country that decides for a good or bad coexistence between humans and animals.

We thank all rescuers of Tilda and we wish her a good and long life in her new home

My best regards to all, Venus

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  1. Blessings to caring decent humans; thank you.; Everlasting shame to the monsters among us. We must live to fight the horrors.

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