France: The hidden side of Roquefort

Roquefort is produced from sheep’s milk. To produce this milk, the sheep must give birth to one or two young each year.

Thus, more than 500,000 lambs are born each year for the production of Roquefort. In excess, three-quarters of them are sent to intensive farms where they will be fattened for meat.

As is the case in this Aveyron farm, SARL Grimal, one of the largest farms in France.

The lambs are crammed into pens without access to the outside. Some are dying slowly in the farm and die before reaching 4 months when they are sent to the slaughterhouse.


Some of these lambs were killed at the Arcadie Sud-Ouest slaughterhouse near Rodez. Some receive electric shocks that are thought to numb them and cause a heart attack.

Here, the process is not controlled by the employees, so that animals receive the shock without being dizzy. Others are slaughtered alive. Lambs see each other die.

Many are still hanging on the slaughter line.

roquefort 6

These serious offenses had already been noted in a veterinary report in 2016. Four years later, nothing has changed. Let us demand the closure of this slaughterhouse.

The petition, sign, and share:


For more…at

And I mean…People who work in the slaughterhouse and massacre hundreds of animals every day MUST be dull and empathetic, that’s the basic qualification to be able to do the job at all.

Who slits throats every day and is compassionate?
This is the ruling reality not only in this slaughterhouse but everywhere.

But the main cause of this genocide, which is practiced every day on non-human animals, is ALL who eat animals and their products.

The undocumented suffering of farm animals is actually much, much worse, but those who cause it don’t want to know about it.
Thousands of such videos can still appear, but meat consumers only rationalize them as an “obvious exception” and “individual misconduct” at the fault of the slaughterhouse staff

Therefore I don’t expect our criminal practices against animals to recede after this year’s pandemic subsides, so let’s take bets on from where our next gut punch to our human privilege will come.

Cow’s milk? Sealife? Unfertilized chicken eggs? Roquefort?

I won’t cry when the inevitable next one hits either.

My best regards to all, Venus

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