France: Ban on wild animals in circuses from January 1, 2026.


Flag of France, hand drawn watercolor illustration


Hope for the #saddestbears 🐻 and animal welfare in France!

Last week, seven MPs introduced a new law in France to improve the living conditions of wild animals and pets and to combat their abuse.

The bill provides for a ban on shows with bears and wolves and a ban on “acquiring, owning, and keeping” wild animals in circuses from January 1, 2026.

FOUR PAWS criticizes in particular the cruel exploitation of wild animals for entertainment purposes. Bears and wolves are forced to perform stupid, unnatural tricks at festivals, shows, in the circus 🎪 and at private parties in France.


Visit our website to learn more about bears in France ➡️


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My comment: How primitive and stupid can be people in the middle of Europe when they take their children and go to the circus to have fun with them and enjoy the suffering of other beings …

Circus number with tortured animals (wild or not wild, does not play a role) is against any ethics of modern civilized countries and societies.

The French government’s move to ban the wildlife shows is good but inadequate and extremely slow.
29 countries in Europe have long introduced this ban, many of them of all animal species.

Only Germany and France have neither empathy nor decency and still live in the dark times of the cruelty of animals for the circus industry.



My best regards to all, Venus


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