the stone age of our ethic

These are the results of industrial “animal production”.

Because they cannot be slaughtered due to Corona, they were cooked alive.
The ventilation in the barn was switched off, lethal steam was generated which heated the barn to 150 degrees.

We remember the Nazi era.


This is the fascist system of animal exploitation, the daily holocaust of the “other” animals.
Once this system is covered and its outrageous acts made public, it is not the criminals who are punished, but those who expose these criminals.



How it happened with the undercover investigation from a barn in Iowa, May 2020, from a DxE Investigation.

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) investigator Matt Johnson was arrested for taking pictures. (update: now free again)

But this system, alone, is not to blame.

The meat consumers themselves know, up to a certain level of awareness, that this crime exists.
But the others do the murder, and that`s why those who give the order don’t give a shit about the suffering of the billions of non-human animals.

My best regards to all, Venus

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