Dear all,


given the occasion, we, Mark and Venus want to say one thing: we are open to any opinion and criticism sent to us regarding our posts and our own opinions.

We are not writing here to distinguish ourselves, we run this blog as a defender of animal rights.

We would like to remind you that we are an independent, private blog that is neither behind an organization, religious group or political party nor financed by it.

That is why we see every justified criticism and comment as a support for this function.

We don’t always expect approval or applause, but when criticism comes, we expect arguments and substantiated evidence to show that the criticism is not against us, but rather to improve our work for animal rights. If we make mistakes, we are ready to correct them.

In this sense, we behave democratically towards all of our readers without betraying them to whom we have promised fidelity and loyalty: the animals.

It is clear to us that many of our articles and opinions, the Labor Meat and Hunter Mafia and several other animal haters do not like it.

That is not our problem and we can still live with it well.

Venus and Mark (WAV)


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