the religious massacre of Eid al-Adha

The horde cannot wait to circle the victims, as the rules of a brutal tradition require. The knives are carefully sharpened because death with sharp blades can work even more precisely in the service of this bloody tradition.

The victim, alone, as always, alone against the religious mob and its knives, alone, can do nothing but surrender because every resistance exacerbates his agony.

Alone, anonymously, will soon lie on the roadside as a waste product of human madness, brutally murdered on behalf of a god, for whom animals only fulfill the function of the victim.

It is a planned, announced, and approved crime that is waiting for these victims.
It is a legal brutal murder and is therefore also called tradition.

We are talking about the religious bloodbath Eid al-Adha, the first day of the sacrificial festival this year is July 31st. The celebrations begin on the evening before and end on August 3, 2020.

The massacre will end tomorrow.

Ultimately, the animals are not killed by the sharp knife of religious executioners but of the madness of those who have given them the right to massacre animals in the name of a god, cheaply copied from criminal Christianity.

But also by the complicity of a society that makes this murder possible because it is still breastfeeding in blind faith, lives on empty myths, and remains silent.

We know that this society is no worse and no more hostile to animals than our perpetrator society.

No religion in the world, neither Islam nor Christianity grants animals a right to life, not even respect, none recognizes them as equal individuals in society.

The question is: Does it relieve Islam of its crimes against animals because it also occurs in Christianity? relieves a criminal that other people are criminals too?

We have not given up hope that this society, like any society, will one day remember with horror and shame its crimes of the past, all these brutal traditions of all kinds, which from beginning to end only celebrate violence and atrocities against defenseless animals.

And we will not wait any longer, we will fight against it with all our strength, for an end to every religious massacre in the world.

From the simple fact that we cannot stand injustice, ditto hypocrisy.
Especially if both are practiced in religious dimensions.

For us, it is a crime when mass murderers are promoted as guardians of tradition, and with the outrageous justification of religious freedom.

Tomorrow is always too late when we consider that the murder of the innocent is at stake.
And Eid al-Adha is nothing more than that: a murder –

My best regards to all, Venus


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