an incredible love story

The wild shark immediately recognizes her human best friend and asks for belly scratches 💙


Around 100 million sharks are murdered by us humans every year.

According to the “Statista” source, 64 shark attacks to human animals took place worldwide in 2019, two of which were fatal.
We can easily imagine who is the killer here.

Most of the animals die because of their dorsal fin.

In so-called “finning”, the dorsal fin is usually cut off while sharks are still alive. The mutilated animals are then thrown overboard into the sea, where they die in agony.

Their fins are mainly processed into shark fin soup on the Asian market, which tastes of nothing.

In addition, numerous sharks are caught in the oceans and locked up in large aquariums, such as the planned Shark City shark prison, until the end of their lives.
In these facilities, the animals are deprived of everything they need to lead a life appropriate to the species.

Anyone who has been afraid of sharks and rated them as the killer of the sea has read the wrong fairy tales in their childhood or watched the wrong films as adults.

There is no other animal that attacks, tortures, and kills other animals for no reason.

That is just human animals, the crowning glory of idiocy.

My best regards to all, Venus


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