Australia: Italian Prada Bans Use of Kangaroo Skin. But Some Australian States Now Issue New Licenses to Kill Kangaroo. Has Australia Not Lost Enough Wiuldlife ???




Great news,

Italian fashion giant Prada has banned kangaroo skin.

The Prada Group – which includes Prada, Miu Miu, Church’s, and Car Shoe – has confirmed that it will no longer purchase any new kangaroo leather. The decision will spare these remarkable Australian animals immense suffering.

Prada joins the likes of Versace, Victoria Beckham, Chanel, and Paul Smith in banning leather made from kangaroos.

Some 2.3 million kangaroos are reportedly killed every year for their skin. To produce leather, the animals are first shot. Then, the injured kangaroos – as well as orphaned joeys – are decapitated or hit sharply on the head to “destroy the brain” before their skin is torn off so it can be exported and made into accessories often labelled as “k-leather”.

As you read this, state governments are approving permits to hunt kangaroos.

Please join our campaign urging the New South Wales and Victorian governments to stop issuing permits for the mass slaughter of kangaroos


While wildlife carers are still working day and night rehabilitating burned, otherwise injured, and starving animals, the Victoria and New South Wales governments are allowing permits to be issued for the mass slaughter of kangaroos – often simply because they compete for food with introduced farmed animals raised for meat, leather, and wool.

It’s outrageously easy to get a permit to kill kangaroos in these states – in fact, in New South Wales, it’s called a “Licence to Harm” and applicants can even renew over the phone.

Meanwhile, Queensland’s commercial slaughter has been halted and the South Australian government has stopped plans to slaughter wallabies on Kangaroo Island after one-third of the island caught fire.

More than 1 billion animals perished in Australia’s recent fires. The death toll is high enough.
Join us in urging the New South Wales and Victoria governments to stop issuing permits to kill wildlife.

Take Action Here:

Regards Mark.

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