Close Hamerton Hell-Zoo. Immediately!

It’s time for this abusive zoo to be shut down and the animals to be freed to a sanctuary!


Hamerton Zoo’s animals look miserable and neglected. Numerous visitors have reported seeing animals visibly distressed, some are seen just sat staring, some are pacing back and forth – a sign of zoochosis;

-A camel with a deflated hump – a sign of malnourishment, other camels in a small barn covered in feces and no access to the paddock;

-Some animals had no food, water or enrichment; small enclosures that are rotting in some cases, made from crowd control fencing and back garden fencing;

-A donkey visibly depressed with no food, water, enrichment, or company, lying in the same position staring into the grass;

-Birds plucking all their feathers out; the middle of the park looking like a construction site; no keepers insight.

Information: The zoo is a 25-acre wildlife park that has about 500 animals including monkeys, cheetahs, raccoons, sloth, and a collection of Malaysian tigers and white tigers.

This is a very Joe Exotic- place where the owner has obviously bought exotic animals as a private collection and uses it to profit.

We need to get these animals to a safe haven where they will be looked after properly.

Text of the petition: Hamerton Zoo has no animal welfare.

Many animals were visibly distressed, had no water, food, or enrichment. Enclosures are tiny and rotting and in some cases, made using crowd control fencing and back garden fencing.

The middle of the park contains storage containers and what looks like a construction site. There were no keepers around. The only staff we saw worked in the coffee shop/gift shop.

Management is either no available or rude and condescending, calling us ignorant and telling others they are blackmailing when saying they will go to press.

We are calling for this zoo to be closed and the animals to be moved to a sanctuary.


And I mean…We used to think that such zoos only existed in third world countries.
It is the same with the “civilized” ones, and not just with the zoos.

It’s about the principle; no living being may be held captive and used, neither for eating nor for carrying, nor for entertainment! this applies to ALL human but also non-human animals.

We live in a century where we ALL, the animal rights activists, or animal owners should be morally sensitized enough to condemn and oppose any use of animals for human purposes.

Animals are not there to be of any use to humans, they have value in themselves.

And principles about animal rights should by now have reached a universal standard value in a civilized society.

My best regards to all, Venus

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