Faroe Islands: Negligent killing of 6 whales

walen Massaker Islandpg

Six whales were killed on August 17th on the island of Suduroy (Faroe Islands). The animals were stranded or in the shallow water on Sandvik Beach.

No attempts were made to save the animals or help them back into the open sea.


Sea Shepherd Deutschland


And I mean …When human animals are in need, refusing to help is a criminal offense.
But this only applies to our fellow species.
It does not apply to the other animal species, they have no rights, so we have decided it.

The whales are left in their tragic fate, and many of the native human animals have collected some Judas Silver for the cut meat.

This is the glaring example of human superiority.

The whales, like all animals in the world, from mussels to primates, have no rights, we have determined it thus, we human animals, those who think and act in a fascist way.

And that’s why so many natives of the Faroe Islands people, with the intellectual potential of a bookkeeper, try to justify this negligent murder with outrageous comments on the in.fo link above.

My best regards to all, Venus


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