I shall be their voice

For the dogs boiled alive in Korea
For the dolphins eviscerated in Japan
For the whales hunted by the Norwegians
For the bulls stabbed to death in Spain

For the donkeys worked to death in Nepal
For the foxes and the badgers torn apart in England
For the elephants maimed and shackled in India
For the bears and the bison and the wolves shot in America

For the seal calves clubbed to death in Canada and Iceland
For the rabbits skinned alive in China
For the kittens and puppies starving in Serbia
For all the animals in labs, in zoos, in factory farms, and in circuses

For every animal on the Earth that has to endure the cruel silence of human indifference

I shall be their voice – Mark Stewart

And I mean…we will continue to oppose the daily genocide against animals. The right to life, freedom, integrity, protection must be due to all species. Not a privilege of the ruler.

We fight for basic rights for all feeling, thinking individuals.

Nobody may be disadvantaged or preferred because of their species.

My best regards to all, Venus


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