Basque Country/Spain: zoos sabotaged!

In Basondo Zoo there are 100 individuals locked up.

In Sendaviva, around 800 non-human individuals are kept in cages for human entertainment.

Aside from that, this zoo has been having financial losses since it has been open, but the Government of Navarre has given them around 70 million euros so that they can remain open, believing that the profits brought by tourism outweigh these losses.

Non-human animals are not economic resources, their freedom is non-negotiable, close all zoos and aquariums!

And I mean…Of the 80 leading zoos in Europe, which each have more than 500,000 visits per year, 26 – almost one in three – are located in Germany.
Germany is the most densely populated country in the world with zoos and zoo-like facilities.

Zoos are open-air prisons.

Teach your child the right thing and never go to a zoo with them.
Zoos are and will remain prisons where animals are locked up for life and displayed for the pleasure of a paying audience.

That`s the truth! Tell your children!

…many thanks to the activists

and best regards to all, Venus

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