UK: The ‘League Against Cruel Sports’ (LACS) – Formed In 1924 By Animal Rights Campaigners / Vegetarians. Now Stronger Than Ever !





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UK –  London – League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) AGM.

The League (LACS) was founded in 1924 – almost 100 years ago !

The League for the Prohibition of Cruel Sports was founded in 1924 by Ernest Bell, Henry B. Amos[2] Jessey Wade[3] and George Greenwood, with the support of Henry S. Salt, Edward Carpenter and George Bernard Shaw.[4]

It was renamed to the League Against Cruel Sports in 1938.[

Ernest Bell (animal rights activist) – yes, England even had them in those days !

They had a vision and they acted on it – something which many people try to do today.

Wonderful activists from many years gone by – but still very much alive now with their group – 100 years on called the LACS.




Ernest Bell


8 March 1851

Hampstead, England


14 September 1933 (1933-09-15) (aged 82)

Hendon, England


·         George Bell (father)


Lifetime award for his work for animal causes

Ernest Bell (8 March 1851 – 14 September 1933) was an English author and publisher, animal rights activist, humanitarian and vegetarian.[1]


Henry B. Amos

Henry Brown Amos (24 May 1869 – 22 October 1946) was a Scottish animal rights activist, humanitarian and vegetarian.

Jessey Wade

Jessey Wade (c. 1861 – 1952) was an English suffragist and campaigner for animal welfare, known for founding the Cats Protection League (now known as Cats Protection). She co-founded a number of other animal welfare organizations and helped create and was editor of the feminist journal Urania


George Greenwood

Sir Granville George Greenwood (3 January 1850 – 27 October 1928), usually known as George Greenwood or G. G. Greenwood, was a British lawyer, politician, cricketer, animal welfare reformer.

2019 was a superb year for the League Against Cruel Sports and we had hoped to bring our members the good news face to face at our AGM.

However, assuring the safety of our members – many of whom are in the age groups most susceptible to the worst effects of the virus and many of whom travel long distances on public transport to make our events – must be our top priority. We have therefore taken the decision to cancel the AGM this year, in line with Charity Commission guidance and with their expressed permission.

The future is not certain and with spikes in the outbreak and regular changes to the pandemic rules and control measures, we wanted to bring certainty to proceedings and avoid any potential wasted payments should we have to cancel later on.

Whilst we are disappointed not to be able to bring you the news of our successes in person, we have captured all that we did last year in our Annual Report and Accounts and our Impact Report. They tell of a League that is doing exactly what our members, supporters and the majority of the wider public expect. Thanks to your support we are in good shape and with our full staff in place, we are more determined than ever to stop cruel ‘sports’.

Thank you for your understanding during these strange times.

Dr Tim Holmes

Andy Knott MBE
Chief Executive

Who we are and the history of the League

We stand on the side of animals and protect them from being harmed or killed in the name of ‘Sport’. Millions of animals each year are neglected, distressed, suffer cruelty or are killed by cruel ‘sports’. We redefine what is acceptable and were instrumental in helping bring about the landmark Hunting Act 2004. We are driven by compassion and empowered by knowledge. We aim to inspire change, as we know that most of the public share our view that harming and killing animals for ‘sport’ is cruel. We manage sanctuaries to protect wildlife, carry out investigations to expose law-breaking and cruelty to animals, and campaign for stronger animal protection laws and penalties.

A lot of animal cruelty takes place out of sight and often the only way to expose these activities is to go undercover. Our trained team of professional Investigators, which includes former police officers, work continuously to ensure we have effective animal protection laws that are properly enforced. Determined to make sure those who break the law are brought to justice, our professional Investigators expose animal cruelty by gathering the vital surveillance needed to bring those responsible to justice. Our unique and confidential Animal Crimewatch hotline allows anyone witnessing illegal activity in connection with cruel sports to report it to us.

Often animal cruelty takes place because people don’t recognise it for what it is. Hunting with dogs was perceived for a long time as a civilised pursuit, until organisations like us educated the public to the true nature of what goes on.

We continue to educate the public and policy makers through high profile work in the media and expert behind-the-scenes lobbying in Parliament. We also protect animals through our successful campaigning work, by creating awareness of the cruelty inflicted on animals through ‘sport’. More people are raising their voices leading to changes in the law.

How we are changing attitudes

When the Hunting Act 2004 was introduced, just one Conservative MP voted for it; now we know that more than 50 Conservative MPs would stand up against legalising hunting.

Most of the public in the UK also share our view – more than eight out of ten support a ban on hunting with dogs.

Despite this, cruel ‘sports’ is still happening. This is not a small problem – the number of animals involved in the UK is in the millions every year. But we promise to continue to work hard until cruel ‘sports’ becomes a thing of the past as the history of the charity demonstrates.


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