Direct Action Everywhere: “Now they know they can’t stop us”.


26 people were arrested after locking down this Smithfield* slaughterhouse in LA — as actions happened around the world for #RosesLaw, an Animal Bill of Rights.



*Smithfield Foods, Inc. is the largest pork producer in the USA and is headquartered in Smithfield, Virginia / USA. The company belongs to the Chinese WH Group based in Luohe, Henan / China, which is the largest pig breeding and pork processing group in the world.

Smithfield is proud to operate itself the entire value chain of meat production, i.e. fattening, slaughtering, and further processing into meat products.

The multinational company produces 14 million piglets per year and processes 27 million pigs into various meat products.
In 2006 this was a total of 2.7 million tons of pork and 635,000 tons of fresh beef, which were marketed under brand names such as Smithfield, Butterball, John Morrell, Gwaltney, Patrick Cudahy, Krakus, Cook’s Ham, and Stefano’s.

Smithfield has offices in 26 states and 9 countries, and sales in 44 countries worldwide.
US government agencies have found Smithfield systematically violating workers’ rights (Wikipedia).

Many thanks and respect to the brave activists.

My best regards to all, Venus


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