Australia: new coral reef, new marine life

Australian scientists find a huge new healthy coral reef off the northern coast!

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australian scientists found a detached coral reef on the Great Barrier Reef that exceeds the height of the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower, the Schmidt Ocean Institute said this week, the first such discovery in over 100 years.

The “blade-like” reef is nearly 500 meters tall and 1.5 kilometers wide, said the institute founded by ex-Google boss Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy.

Australia: Great Barrier Reef.


It lies 40 meters below the ocean surface and about six kilometers from the edge of the Great Barrier Reef.

A team of scientists from James Cook University, led by Dr. Robin Beaman, were mapping the northern seafloor of the Great Barrier Reef onboard the institute’s research vessel Falkor, when they found the reef on Oct. 20.

“We are surprised and elated by what we have found,” said Beaman.

He said it was the first detached reef of that size to be discovered in over 120 years and that it was thriving with a “blizzard of fish” in a healthy ecosystem.

The discovery comes after a study earlier this month found the Great Barrier Reef had lost more than half its coral in the last three decades.


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And I mean… The Unesco World Heritage Committee classified the largest coral reef in the world as a World Heritage Site in 1981.

The condition of the reef has since deteriorated so much that Unesco is now threatening to take it back.
In recent years, Unesco has repeatedly threatened to put the reef on the Red List of World Heritage in Danger.

The Great Barrier Reef extends over an area of ​​more than 344,000 square kilometers, exceeding the size of Italy.

As early as 2016 and 2017, an estimated one-third to half of the corals had died after sea temperatures rose.
The phenomenon was first noticed in 1998.

Climate change remains the greatest threat to the ecosystem. Ever warmer water is endangering corals around the world. In the past, it happened every few decades, now the bleaching is piling up.

A pale or slightly bleached coral usually regains its color within a few weeks or months and survives. However, if the bleaching is too strong, many corals will die.

As early as 2018, the Australian government wanted to invest around 500 million Australian dollars in the regeneration and protection of the ecosystem.

But Australia is the fourth largest coal producer in the world. And now they want to save the Great Barrier Reef?

I think the reef will get a recovery when human animals have left the planet again …

My best  regards to all, Venus


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