USA: Nearly every wolf in the lower 48 just lost its Endangered Species Act protection.

Gray wolves, once nearly extinct, could be coming back to Colorado | US  news | The Guardian

Photo – The Guardian (London)

Hi Mark,

Nearly every wolf in the lower 48 just lost its Endangered Species Act protection.

Their survival is now at stake.

We’ll be in court as soon as possible to fight this disastrous move. Please make an emergency gift now to the Saving Life on Earth Fund. All gifts will be matched.

It’s now up to states to decide what happens to these beautiful, family-oriented animals.

That’s why we’ll be leveraging the full power of our grassroots activists to shut down plans to hunt, trap or poison wolves state after state.

In the few places where wolves exist today — like the northern Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes states and West Coast — they face persecution.

Washington state has wiped out entire packs for conflicts with livestock, mostly by gunning wolves down one by one from a helicopter.

In Wisconsin a law is already on the books requiring trophy hunts of wolves.

Idaho has for years expanded its hunting and trapping seasons on wolves — it even contributes to bounties to kill them.

In Montana it costs $19 to kill a wolf. And anti-wolf forces there have tried to make it cheaper.

That’s the way some states view wolves: as cheap, expendable targets for trophy hunting and barbaric trapping.

Wolves are irreplaceable — and we will fight like hell to protect them against this horrible move.

More than four decades of work to save these magnificent creatures just came to a screeching, bloody halt.

We knew this day was coming, which is why we’re ready to challenge this in court as quickly as possible.

We can’t let anti-wildlife forces doom this keystone species to being shot, trapped or poisoned, state by state, wolf by wolf.

Our team is ready for this fight. But we need you, too.

Please give now to our Saving Life on Earth Fund.

For the wild, Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity      

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