ALDI to join European Chicken Commitment in Germany and Spain.

ALDI to join European Chicken Commitment in Germany and Spain

9 November 2020

Supermarket giant ALDI has taken a far-reaching decision to improve animal welfare. ALDI is the first major food retailer in Germany to join the European Chicken Commitment and thereby increases its commitment to sustainable retail practices by telling suppliers to treat chickens better.

Aldi has pledged to end the worst abuses suffered by tens of millions of chickens in their supply chains. The company will also work toward improving conditions for its locations in the US and elsewhere by continuing negotiations with The Humane League, an international nonprofit based in Philadelphia that advocates against animal abuse.

According to that group, “by 2026, a chicken raised for Aldi in one of these regions will be less likely to struggle to stand and walk, because they won’t be bred to reach market weight at just five weeks old. They won’t live their entire lives suffering in perpetual darkness. And they won’t be violently flipped upside-down and electrocuted, then have their throats slashed while potentially still conscious.”

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