UK: Tell Tesco To Stop Destroying the Amazon Because of Meat Production.

WAV Comment:

This is mainly for UK supporters; but we guess international e mails are also accepted – which strengthens the case.

As our many UK supporters will know; Tesco, a major food store and supplier, have a saying that ‘Every Little Helps’.

How about that is changed to ‘Every E mail Helps’.  Click on the link below and send a clear message about Amazon rain forest destruction to the new Tesco CEO Ken Murphy.

Tell him; we don’t want the beautiful Amazon forests destroyed for the production of cheap meat that is sold in your stores – simple as that !

Regards Mark

(sent to us by Liza in London – animal campaigner buddy)

Last month Tesco announced that they’re going to increase their sales of plant-based meat alternatives by 300%. [1]

But unless they also reduce the amount of industrial meat on their shelves, forests like the Amazon will continue to burn. For the first time in six years Tesco now has a new CEO, and we have a real opportunity to make sure he does the right thing.

Will you email Tesco’s new CEO, Ken Murphy and ask him to stop supporting deforestation?

Opportunities like this don’t come around very often and a new CEO could mean a fresh start. Ken Murphy has the chance to do something positive with his time in charge, but he needs to act fast.

As you’re reading this email South American forests like the Amazon continue to be destroyed to produce industrial meat, and the situation is getting worse. [2] As the UK’s biggest supermarket, Tesco is directly involved in this destruction by selling unsustainable amounts of meat, and by doing business with forest-destroying companies.

Earlier this year over 60,000 of you emailed Tesco’s former CEO, which helped lead to their announcement on plant-based meat alternatives. Now there’s a new CEO in charge, we need to keep up the pressure to make sure Tesco doesn’t stop there.

Please email Ken Murphy now and tell him personally about why we need to protect our forests.

With a new CEO in charge, this is a unique opportunity to make our voices heard. And the more of us who get in touch, the louder the message will be – Tesco should lead by example and stand up to deforestation.

I’ve drafted an email to new CEO Ken Murphy that you can send or edit. It asks him to cut ties with forest-destroying meat companies and halve the amount of meat that Tesco sells.

Adding a line at the start of the email to express why you care about deforestation will have an even bigger impact on Ken Murphy. You can also edit the subject line.

Thanks again for all you do,




[1] Tesco sets 300% sales target for plant-based alternatives to meat

[2] Exclusive: Brazil Amazon fires likely worst in 10 years

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