Trophy hunting: corruption and fraud

Trophy hunting is a particularly gruesome pastime that countless living beings pay with their death. In search of a special thrill, hobby hunters travel to distant lands to kill exotic and rare animals.

Apparently, it is not enough for German hunters to kill millions of native wild animals every year.

Thousands of Germans travel abroad every year to hunt big game.

The providers of hunting trips leave nothing to be desired because even shooting permits for endangered species such as elephants, rhinos, lions, or polar bears can be purchased for a lot of money.

And species native to Europe such as brown bears, wolves, and lynxes are also on the trophy collectors’ hit lists.

Hunted, killed, and mutilated

As a result of frequently missed shots and cruel hunting practices, many of the animals do not die immediately, but rather slowly and painfully.
The animals are often shot and flee with bloody wounds. As they run for their lives in fear of death, the animals continue to be shot at by the hunters and chased through the wilderness – lead bullets or steel arrows pierce their bodies until they collapse, exhausted.

Hunting with a bow and arrow or a crossbow is prohibited in Germany for reasons of animal welfare, but it is a common hunting practice in many countries for trophy hunting.

Trophäenjagd Löwe

The suffering of lions for the hunt in South Africa

In South Africa, thousands of lions are bred on so-called canned hunting farms so that they are later not naturally afraid of humans and thus of the hobby hunter.

On many farms, the animals are even lured with bait or medicated to make the hunt a success even for inexperienced shooters.

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And I mean…The African lion population has decreased from almost 100,000 to 35,000 animals over the past 50 years.
In 25 African countries, there are said to be no more lions and in 10 other countries, they are on the verge of extinction.
The king of the animals could soon be considered an endangered species.

In addition to the ongoing destruction of the habitat, this is due to the trophy hunt for Africa’s largest big cats.

Gate hunting is a hobby for the affluent minority because a kill can cost over 50,000 euros.

The costs depend on the sex and physical condition of the animal. The more stately a lion, the deeper the decadents have to dig into their pockets for the trophies.

In principle, everyone is allowed to hunt lions in South Africa, for example.
A hunting license or proof of hunting experience is not necessary in most cases.

Instead of photos, the psychopaths bring home a lion’s skin or a wild animal’s head as a souvenir.

And the demand for lion trophies is steadily increasing because the trophy hunting advertising is massive.

Just for the fun of killing, hunters reduce the populations of wildlife around the world.
Obtaining a hunting trophy and satisfying the hunting instinct are criminal acts.

Hunters are nothing more than a bloodthirsty and militant sect.

My best regards to all, Venus

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