Delhi, India – Fantastic, Beautiful Pups for Adoption – Can You Help ?

Can anyone help with the adoption of these beautiful pups in Delhi, India ?, even if it is simply putting word out to other contacts, thank you.

Here is a message from Rishi and Penelope.

Dear friends,

Following are pictures of puppies for adoption in Delhi. they are very healthy and beautiful. Please read the message below and kindly contact Ms Peneplope Spencer at  for further adoption enquiries;



I have attached a couple of photos – they are very cute, and I have 5 left.
There is one boy, and four girls.
They are about 7 weeks old. Their parents, are Honey and
Oscar (Oscar TheWild, we like to call him!). We adopted Honey and Oscar from Friendicoes about 2 years ago, and they fell in love.

So the puppies are of Indian breed, but they have never been on the street.
They all have very sweet personalities. I would greatly appreciate it if you could circulate this info to your contacts and friends, because my landlord is telling me that we cannot keep the pups in the house any longer.


Warm regards,
Penelope Spencer




It would be very helpful if anyone who is interested, can get in touch with me asap.



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