For USA Friends – Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice President Nominee, Supports Killing Wolves from Aircraft !

Please View the following link to obtain more information on Sarah Palins Environmental views.

Take aim … must rid Alaska of all the …………..

as I have the oil industry to support

Pro life ?, well only some

This undated photo provided by the Heath family shows Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin with one of her daughters posing with the caribou she killed.

Skinned wolves. Sarah Palin initiated a program where the state of Alaska pays $150 for the left front leg of wolves.

A Message from:   Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

Have you ever heard of aerial hunting? It’s a brutal practice. Wolves are shot from low-flying aircraft or chased to exhaustion, then killed at point-blank range.

Warning: This video is extremely disturbing. It contains graphic images of aerial hunting of wolves — a brutal and needless practice that Governor Palin has fought hard to promote and expand.

Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee for Vice President, promotes this barbaric practice, exploiting a loophole in the Federal Airborne Hunting Act to allow private wolf killers to shoot down wolves using aircraft. We have to get the word out about this!

Despite strong scientific, ethical and public opposition to aerial hunting, Governor Palin has…

  • Proposed paying a $150 bounty for the left foreleg of each dead wolf.
  • Approved a $400,000 state-funded propaganda campaign to promote aerial hunting.
  • Introduced legislation to make it even easier to use aircraft to hunt wolves and bears.

Please watch this powerful video by Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, and then share it with every wildlife lover you know:″><param

Friday, August 29, 2008.



Sarah Palin is Cruella de Ville

As Alaska’s governor in 2007, Sarah Palin declared open hunting season on Alaskan wolves, offering a $150 bounty for each animal killed. This program drew cries of outrage from animal rights groups.
Palin, pictured below on the sofa in her office, enjoys hunting. The wolf kill is designed to increase the population of moose and caribou for sport hunters.

The problem is Palin allowed one of the worst kinds of wolf slaughter there is — aerial hunting, something even sport hunters believe is barbaric:
<http://www.defender publications/ policy_and_ legislation/ alaska’s_ hunters_speak_ out.pdf?ht= aerial%20hunting %20aerial% 20hunting>





Aerial hunting of wolves is akin to the medieval demonization of wolves. A wolf howling at night is symbolic of wilderness. Killing an alpha wolf can disorganize an entire pack. I used to be a hunter, but I¹m completely against the aerial hunting of wolves.²


After a lawsuit by the Alaska Wildlife Alliance, the state court forced Palin to shut down this hideous program. Nevertheless, the AWA expects the practice to continue: <http://www.akwildli view/55/61/>  

No doubt next winter will find the AWA fighting the next round of creative efforts to decimate Alaska¹s wolves.


Palin also sued the federal government after it declared polar bears an endangered species, while also denying that global warming had any impact on the bears’ habitats. < com/lifestyle/ green/greenblog/ 2008/08/sarah_ palin_on_ energy_and_ the.html>   

This is Palin’s alter ago….
photo by STEPHEN NOWERS / Anchorage Daily News




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