Zagreb, Croatia – Can You help Provide the Veterinary Directorate With Information ?

Video footage taken in a village, near to Zagreb, Croatia, and shown on Croatian national tv news can be seen at the following link:


As a result of further actions by campaigners in the region, the following message has now been received from Mrs. Branka Buković Šošić, Head of Animal Protection Department, Veterinary Directorate, Croatia.




Dear all,


I am going to send this information to the Directorate for veterinary inspection and they will try to find out where and when happend this action. It could be from huge help if could provide us with some more information, it is important for inspectors because they could then act much faster. I hope that person who made this film can send us the information about exact place and time of this occurence.

As soon as we will have the information about this action they will be sent to you.


Yours sincerely,

Branka Buković Šošić

Head of Animal Protection Department

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development

Veterinary Directorate

Miramarska 24

10 000 Zagreb


Tel: 610 66 68

Fax: 610 92 07





We hope that Mrs.Šošić will be provided with the information she is asking for as soon as possible, in order for investigations to continue quickly.



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