Russia: Urgent Appeal To Stop the Seizure of a Shelter with 400 Animals – Please Act Immediately


SAV have been sent an urgent message from animal welfare campaigners about a shelter in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

E mails need to be sent based around the following wording.  Please copy and modify if you wish.



Basis of e mail to be sent:


A seizure of a shelter for homeless animals, the shelter “Rzevka”, is being planned, the initiator being one Belous Maya Ivanovna. She is known as an owner of the shelter “Iljinka” under existing city administration.

If the seizure occurs, then good shelter “Rzevka” could easily become another shelter like “Iliinka”.  In NO WAY must this be allowed to happen, ever !.

I ask that the good shelter “Rzevka” is not allowed to be seized, especially having seen pictures of the conditions in which animals are living and being kept at the shelter at  “Iliinka”, which is owned by Belous Maya Ivanovna.  This person must not be allowed to gain any ownership of the good shelter “Rzevka” and change it into another home of hell for the animals.


Thank you




We do not have a lot of information, but the message sent to us is as follows; the above sample letter draft has been produced by SAV:

“We are the volunteers of shelters for homeless animals. And we request you about the aid!

It’s very urgent to inform people, who cares about animals all over the world!! As we have no support in our country. This situation needs influence from outside.

Making the long story short, time is very costly!!

In Saint-Petersburg a seizure of a shelter for homeless animals is being planned.




The initiator is the well-known in Saint-Petersburg flayer and slaughterer Belous Maya Ivanovna. She is known as an owner of the shelter “Iljinka” in the city administration.

There have been happening terrifying things there for many years. We sent a letter to the European Society of Animal Protection but we were not heard.If we do not do anything now, 400 animals will suffer and die there!!!

In the attached photographs you can see the shelter Iliinka and shelter Rzevka. If the seizure will be occurs, Rzevka will be like Iliinka!