Uk: Maria and Paul Release Shepp Song ‘Chained To You’ – Please Support

Our song for Shepp ‘Chained To You’ is now released and available to download in aid of Dogs Deserve Better. We hope funds raised will assist this wonderful group to continue to help other dogs in the future and spare them the suffering Shepp endured.
Shepp’s page at Dogs Deserve Better –
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JUSTICE for SHEPP by Annmarra

Shepp was a dog that was left for well over a month, to die with no food or water and chained to the extent that his collar was embedded in his skin. No one cared. The neighbors saw him suffering, yet nobody did anything until it was too late. Someone had placed food by him, but by then he was too weak to even get up. Someone contacted (KZTV) a news station that stands up for people and animals alike.


Shepp was taken to animal control were he was cared for by the vets and staff there, I know for a fact, for I was able to see him from behind the glass on Friday afternoon. The tech, vets and staff that were there with him, treating him with such compassion and care. Shepp passed away later that afternoon, which was devastating to the vets and staff.

Thank you & best wishes,
Maria & Paul xx