Europe: EU Intergroup on the Welfare & Conservation of Animals Writes to the President of Serbia Expressing Concerns About Serbian Stray Animal Treatment

Campaigners for Serbian animals have today, 21st October, welcomed some encouraging news from the European Union (EU) regarding Serbian strays.


In a letter dated 21st October, the President of the EU Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, Mr. Neil Parish MEP (United Kingdom)



along with Vice President Dr. Caroline Lucas MEP (United Kingdom)


and Vice President  Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski MEP (Poland)


have written a formal letter on behalf of the EU Intergroup to none other than the President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Boris Tadic, regarding the situation of cruelties and killings perpetrated against stray animals in Serbia.


A copy of the letter follows:


and a Serbian translation of the EU Intergroup letter to President Tadic of Serbia can be seen as follows:



Campaigners are delighted to see that the Intergroup declares in its last paragraph of the letter, that


it is therefore in your interest to improve the welfare conditions of animals in your country”,


this being especially relevant as the Republic of Serbia who is a potential candidate for EU membership (Accession).


As can be seen, mention is also made in relation to current abuses of Article 269 of the Criminal Code of Serbia; an article which can implement punishments of up to three years imprisonment for causing cruelty to or the  killings of animals contrary to the law of veterinary standards.


Campaigners would very much like to thank Mr. Parish, Mr. Wojciechowski and Dr. Lucas for their attention and support in raising awareness of the Serbian stray animals situation across the World.


The closing statement by the Intergroup asks Mr. Tadic for a response to the issues raised in the letter.


Serbian campaigners, and other animal welfare campaigners worldwide will be very keen to see the response that Mr. Tadic provides.


Additional Note:


As can be seen in the SAV article


of 3rd October,


The ‘Public Notice’ statement made on the day, declared :-


“the Veterinary Directorate of the Republic of Serbia and Standing Conference of Cities and Municipalities in Serbia, have decided to, as Mr.Zoran Mićović, Head of the Veterinary Directorate said (quotation): ‘’…from this moment we will take part in the REALISATION OF THE PROJECT OF NATIONAL No Kill spay/neuter strategy in solving the problem of cats and dogs population’’. 

According to Mr.Mićović, the Project will be realized in cooperation with the European Union”.


As the European Union have now expressed concerns about Serbian stray animals, campaigners wait to see if the declarations made by Mr. Micovic on October 3rd will be fully supported and implemented throughout Serbia by Mr. Tadic.  They will wish to see the ‘project realized in cooperation with the European Union’.


SAV will be providing additional updates to this story as news arrives.


SAV would also like to thank Mr. Dan Dalton, assistant to Mr. Parish for his assistance with this issue.