Italy: Legal Action 4 Animal Rights

Paola says the following; so please either just join up as a member, or if you are a ‘legal’ person who can help, leave your details;
Thank You.
I have created this group
but I do not know how many lawyers are on this list.



This group is designed for people interested in promoting animal welfare laws regardless of geographical location. This group is opened to people who love animals, who study law or are working within the legal field. The aim of the group is share info about animal law in different countries, post action alerts, share ideas and give support.

We want to see a world where there are comprehensive and effective laws to protect animals from the deliberate infliction of pain and distress on them by people, and where the laws are properly enforced.

Efforts to promote awareness and community involvement is one of our goals without which no law can be effectively observed.

Please join us, for the animals

I am the voice of the voiceless:
Through me, the dumb shall speak;
Till the deaf world’s ear be made to hear
The cry of the wordless weak.
— By Ella Wheeler Wilcox —

I have accepted members that are not in legal field but wanted help.
I am always looking for members for the group
try to send a message to the group
perhaps someone will reply.
I am working to look for new members..

India, Kerala: Signatures Required to Take City to Court Over Dog Killings

Please sign and help Stephanie get the 100,000 signatures needed;

Thank You.

From: Stephanie Engel

Dear Friends,

During my three week holiday in Kerala, South India, I did some volunteer work for a local dog center, Animal Rescue Kerala (ARK). This charity trust let by a British woman takes in ill-treated dogs and street dogs to have them vaccinated and sterilised. ARK is the only organisation that implements the ABC/AR (Animal Birth Control / Anti Rabies) Rules; a programme set up by the national government to control the stray dog population and to prevent the spread of rabies.
However, their work has been made impossible due to the interference of the City of Trivandrum (capital of the state Kerala) that kills dogs on a massive scale and in a very brutal manner. To help ARK with their fight against the indiscriminate killings and to help them continue their wonderful work rescuing ill-treated or undernourished dogs I created a blog ( for them. Please have a look and sign the petition.

A 100.000 signatures are needed in order to take the City of Trivandrum to the Supreme Court in Delhi. They have got just over 20.000, so a mere 80.000 to go.

So, please, go to: and forward this email to as many people as you can!