Handle With Care – Australia’s Disgusting Live Export Trade Exposed

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** Warning – Extreme animal suffering **




Every week, hundreds of millions of farm animals endure journeys lasting hours, days, weeks or months, in cramped conditions on their way to slaughter.

They experience stress and exhaustion, rough handling, hunger and thirst, extreme temperatures and unsanitary conditions as they are transported live across the world. As a result, the animals suffer horrific injuries, diseases are spread and many die before reaching their destination.

We already have the technology to transport fresh chilled and frozen meat and the science to prove the welfare benefits of local, humane slaughter. For these reasons, long distance transport is not only cruel, it is unnecessary.





Live transport causes suffering on a massive scale: more than 1,000,000,000 animals are transported every single week, many on unnecessary and long journeys.

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Bristol, England: Jail Term for Cock-Fighting Man

 A man who was caught on CCTV watching a cock-fight in Bristol has been sent to prison for 18 weeks.

George Loveridge, 38, from Bristol, admitted his role in the cock-fight at Patchway at an earlier court hearing.

North Avon magistrates gave two other men involved in the event suspended sentences.

Michael Purcell, 26, from Frampton Cottrell, was given a 12-week suspended term. Benjamin Jones, 27, from Bristol, received an eight-week suspended term.

Purcell was also ordered to complete 250 hours of community work.

Purcell had been found guilty of two charges under the Animal Welfare Act. Loveridge and Jones admitted their roles in the event.

‘No harm’

The event, which took place at a travellers’ site at Highwood Lane, was captured by CCTV cameras at the shopping mall at Cribbs Causeway on 4 October 2007.

Police were alerted after Loveridge was seen shooting one of the birds at the end of the fight.

Purcell had tried to wring the shot bird’s neck before throwing it over a hedge. He told police he did this as a “humane act”.

Speaking to the police during an interview, Purcell said: “I never done no harm to no-one. It was only a bird at the end of the day.

“I don’t live there – I just went to visit the kids. I didn’t think it was nice for them all to be there.”

Brenda Armstrong, chair of the bench that convicted Purcell, said: “He chose to stay and watch.”

Loveridge, of Mancroft Avenue, Lawrence Weston, Bristol, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a cockerel and causing an animal fight to take place.

Jones, who lives at the Highwood Lane site, admitted taking part in an animal fight. He was ordered to pay £2,000 in costs.

Purcell, of Park Lane, Frampton Cotterell, near Bristol, denied being present at the fight and taking part in it, but was convicted on both counts. He was ordered to pay £4,000 costs.

Cock-fighting was outlawed in England in 1835, at the same time as bear-baiting.

Outside North Avon Magistrates’ Court, RSPCA Inspector for Bristol Chris James said it was usually very difficult to prosecute cock-fighting cases.

“Cock-fighting is an underground activity and it is very difficult to get the evidence to bring a prosecution which is why the CCTV footage is priceless,” he said.

“The birds were repeatedly put together even when they broke from each other because they had had enough.

“It is deliberate cruelty and has been illegal for 150 years.”  

India: Mumbai Court Case – Municipal Corporation vs Animal Welfare NGO

Dear friends,

See news reports attached.


Mumbai Municipal corporation’s court case vs Animal Welfare NGOs wa heard yesterday. The court case is on its final stages. Kindly go thru the articles and if anyone finds anything worthwhile which may be instrumntal in supporting our cause to save our strays an can be submitted in court in the next hearing may be sent to us immediately. Any information in support of banning killings is appreciate. Lives of both the dogs of Mumbai And Goa are dependent on this case. Also this case will set a precedence for the rest of country. So please find as much information and send to us.


Rishi Dev

Citizens For Animal Rights (CFAR),

New Delhi.


Please go to our petition site and sign for the dogs now;



Thank You.

Petition Against Mumbai Stray Dogs Killing – Please Sign

Please sign the petition to protest against killing of stray dogs in Mumbai proposed by BMC. Please click on the link below to access the petition.
Please forward this to as many animal lovers you can.
-Payal Bhatia

London Uk: – Update on National Anti Fur March and Rally – 27th September



Please see  https://serbiananimalsvoice.wordpress.com/2008/09/23/london-uk-270908-caft-national-anti-fur-march-and-rally/ 


for the original article.



Thanks and well done to everyone who made the Anti-Fur March in London on Saturday a big success. Over 400 people took to the streets of Knightsbridge, taking the anti-fur message right to the centre of the UK fur retail trade.


Meanwhile here is some coverage of the demo already out there.


Thanks again


One of several videos of  the march on YouTube: see




Press reports after and before the march


The Press Association – 17 hours ago
Up to 400 anti-fur campaigners marched in protest against some of the UK’s highest-profile stores. The London march started in Belgrave Square, Westminster, …

Campaign Against the Fur Trade
By simonk


However it was Harrods that gained the protesters greatest anger. Harrods, owned by Mohammed Al-Fayed is the only department store left in the UK that sells real fur. The group halted their march outside the store and called for a …
Photography and Politics – http://photographyandpolitics.wordpress.com








Anti-fur protests outside London designer stores – Belfast Telegraph
By Wayne
The London march will pass designer outlets including Gucci, Prada, Versace, Armani and Burberry. Demonstrators will then gather outside Harrods – which the … Anti-fur protest hits stores Scotsman Anti-fur campaigners set to protest …
London Visits – http://www.londonvisits.net/

USA Upadate: ‘Champ’ Has Now Been Found a New Home

A HUGE thanks to everyone who posted and crossposted CHAMP’S plight.  He was transported to his new home today and is now SAFE. 

Champ looking forward to a new life, a loving owner and some good food!
Please remember to forward this update to everyone you originally sent his plight to so they are know the good news!
I will be sending out sporadic E mail updates on Champ as he progresses or you can follow his progress at the following links:
If you wish to be excluded from future E Mails and updates, please do let me know.
Thanks all!!!
Debra Jarrell


This is an URGENT appeal please to help Jelena’s shelter.

You can view the work of Jelena’s shelter at the following liknks:






The bakery which supplies bread to the shelter every day to help feed the animals has cut off its supply until bills are paid –  over 250 loaves of bread have to be purchased daily to be mixed with other food which is being provided as a regular diet to the dogs at the shelter, and so the bread is a vital part of the dogs / shelters daily requirements.


If you are able to help by giving a donation, or can put this mail out to anyone you know who may be able to help, then please can you do it.


Full Bank details for donations are provided in the first of the two links above – please scroll down towards the end of the article.


Please help in any way you can – no matter how small.


Thank You.