Action Against Circus: (Belgrade) October 5th. ’08




Dear Friends,

We chased Circus Moscow/Corrona from warious municipalities in Belgrade..

only several are now left .. Cukarica is one of those (Zemun is the other).

Circus started with programme 2 days ago (on October 3rd. ’08.) (located on Vidikovac- part of Cukarica communitie).


Please Do send Your protest notes,

we came so close- dont stop now!

We are going to be pushing here from Belgrade and will call and go into city hall, veterinarians…

but also we need to show that Circuses are past- if city wants to be Metropolis.


thank You all for Your dedication to help Animal in Serbia


JeZa & Independent Activists 4 Animals Rights + Vegan Group Serbia

 Cukarica Municipality: telephone: (+ 381) 11 3052 100, Fax: ( +381) 11 352 470)



(PLS- put  in Cc: so we can show to media that everyone has wrote- just if municipality Cukarica ” plays deaf ”

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am writing this letter to express my concerns for Animals that are held against their will in the International Circus Moscow-which is now a guest of Belgrade City. All Wild animals that are part of this Circus are in bad shape and piled up in small cages.
They are mistreated and abused.

Cages and circus near environment (fences, tribines.. ) are NOT secured from animal escape excesses,
Circus do not posses Documents about Animals (origin, trade documents /circuses & zoos trade animals/ passports, history..)
Circus travel around and can carry many diseases- trough their route they leave ugly scenes of urine puddles and feces piles which then spread in grass-anyone can pick it up… /.

Circus do not posses Veterinarian approvals regarding animal’s proper living conditions/ that they have proper shelter, food and fresh water source;
Animals in this circus dont have overall good psychophysical state.
I am aware of fact that Permit for putting out the (circus) tents and use the communal areas and communal green areas must be given from different communal services
(legal permits can’t be issued for communal areas renting under 5 years- then how this circus gets “permits” every time for a different location? );
all sanitary conditions has NOT been meet before Circus could obtain this permit to use communal areas for wild and domesticated animals, sanitary and water conditions has NOT been meet either.

Sanitary and health related issues:
All forms of animal “liquid waste”/ CAN NOT be mixed with human waste disposals /circus must be attached to the local sanitary plumbing system- separately- water and waste-in-out system/
All garbage must be divided (animal and human “hard waste” can not be dumped together, Circus can not use local dump boxes nor garbage cans for large and hard waste- for that purpose Circus have to rent special hard waste container from city…etc. )
– CIRCUS Corrona/Moscow/ touring trough Serbia HAD NOT MEET ANY OF THOSE REQUIREMENTS.
I want to appeal to your position and ask of you to ban those Circuses with live performing animals, circuses with mini zoos and those who use animals in “entertainment”.
I would like to point out that any circus with Animals is cruel.

The animals may be confined for hours, even days, in their travelling cages.
The trainers use different training methods that are considered very inhumane. Whips, spikes, hotshots and electric shock devices are used to get the animals to do tricks that are unnatural for the animals. Further to that, a circus with Animals is also considered dangerous for the public.
*as an examples I will give You data which can be found in newspapers and on internet)Between 1990 and 1999, there have been 47 persons who have died as a result of wild animal attacks. In Argentina, there are many such examples as the one from San Pedro, Province of Buenos Aires, where two lions escaped where they hurt and killed some people. In April 21, 2004, in Laferrere, a tiger escaped from the Romanian Circus killing one worker. In August 2005, a bear from the Coronel Dorrego traveling circus, attacked a 10 year old girl who got too close to his cage. The bear bit her and two of her fingers had to be amputated later.

It is shameful that the Belgrade City allows the Moscow Circus to perform with animals. Allowing this circus, or any other circus, to perform with animals is against the Animal Protection Law enforced in your country ( Article .269 of criminal law of Serbia- protects animals and prevent abuse in form of penalty which goes up to 3 years of prison for animal kill or abuse ).

I ask respectfully that the authorities of Belgrade become part of the group of cities in this European region that have banned the use of animals in circuses, like Croatia , Slovenia did several years ago, Hungary as of 2007..

We have moral responsibilities to all animals. Allowing a circus to perform with animals is allowing and promoting cruelty to animals. Please do not let this happen. The brutal and inhumane treatment of animals behind closed doors MUST be stopped once for all.




(Your name&info)


Please do not give any more approvals for this Circus to become the guest of Belgrade City, this CIRCUS is cruel and is not a humane and interactive way to have fun, which children crave for, there are so many different options for kids to have fun, to get into interactive games and trough those games, tomorrow to grow up into humane being, worthy to be called citizen of Belgrade.

Concerned citizens have been asking organizations for animal protection to put a stop to the suffering of those animals, but organizations are not those who can help this time.



Serbia: Jelana’s Shelter – Can You Help Find Homes for these Little Dogs

Can anyone help Jelena with finding homes for the little dogs pictured below:-

This puppy and his brother were found in the street this morning
They are both so adorable;
Would someone like to adopt him?


Also, 3 dogs, Mini, Ophelia and Pepi left to go to Austria yesterday – Animal Care Austria has already found homes for them


We can send more dogs but we need funds for essential blood tests which are required by the EU and cost 5500 dinars.


Laki and Poli are going to be next to go.



Isn’t he just beautiful!

I wish he can find a good home somewhere abroad.

For more on Jelena’s shelter please go to the following links:

Please spread the word and give Jelena’s shelter as much help as possible,

Thank You.


Serbia : 3rd October 2008 – Some Very Promising News About Serbian Animal Welfare

We would like to share some wonderful news with you all, our friends and fellow campaigners.  Below is the ‘Public Notice’ which has been distributed by Slavica Mazak  (EPAR)  and Zlata  Korjenic (Help Animals,Beograd) on Friday 3rd October 2008.  A Serbian language copy of the notice can be viewed by accessing  obavestenje-za-javnost-no-kill-sterlizacija-strategija-031008doc





The day of October 3rd 2008 is of historic importance for the cats and dogs in Serbia, just like October 5th 2000 is important for the citizens of Serbia. Until today, there has been no such achievement in the matter of support to the International Animal’s Day.  


Upon the initiative of the Animal welfare organization ‘’PRIJATELJ’’ from Subotica and the Organization for aid to the abandoned animals ‘’Help Animals’’ from Belgrade, on October 3rd 2008,

the Veterinary Directorate of the Republic of Serbia and Standing Conference of Cities and Municipalities in Serbia, have decided to, as Mr.Zoran Mićović, Head of the Veterinary Directorate said (quotation): ‘’…from this moment we will take part in the REALISATION OF THE PROJECT OF NATIONAL No Kill spay/neuter strategy in solving the problem of cats and dogs population’’. 

According to Mr.Mićović, the Project will be realized in cooperation with the European Union.


This decision was made in the Veterinary Directorate office, in the presence of:


  1. Mr.Zoran Mićović, Head of the Veterinary Directorate
  2. Mr. Zvonimir Rot, Councilor of the Head of the Veterinary Directorate
  3. Mr.Budimir Plavšić, Head of the Animal welfare department, the Veterinary Directorate
  4. Mrs. Slavica Mazak Bešlić, M.Sc.Dr.Med., President of the animal welfare organization “PRIJATELJ’’
  5. Mrs.Zlata Korjenić, President of the Organization for aid to abandoned animals “Help Animals” from Belgrade


Apart from the decision that in Serbia, for the first time in Balkan region countries, will be implemented the only humane way of control of cats and dogs’ population, it has also been decided to abolish the implementation of the Act on Terms and Measures for Humane Catching and Destroying of stray cats and dogs (Official Herald RS, no.29/94) This means that as of today, October 3rd 2008, not a single cat or a dog can be killed by any zoo-hygiene service in the Republic of Serbia.       


Furthermore, this is a signal to all local governments in Serbia (135) to immediately start with implementation of the republic Law on Veterinary practice (The local government is obliged to organize a zoo-hygiene service on its territory for the following activities) and of the Paragraph 1 of this Article (to catch and place the abandoned animals in the animal shelters) 


The signees of this Notice have started the initiative to proclaim the October 3rd 2008 for the Animal Day in Serbia, and to celebrate it each year accordingly.


The signees of this Notice would like to express their deep gratitude to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and to the Veterinary Directorate.


We would also like to express our special gratitude to Mr.Saša Dragin, the Minister and to Mr.Zoran Mićević, Head of the Veterinary Directorate, for their personal engagement in this issue.



Slavica Mazak Bešlić

Prijatelj-EPAR/OIPA/Alijansa za prava životinja/SAV/GAARP


Zlata  Korjenic

Help Animals,Beograd



Please send short letters of thanks to the primary government officials who have worked and made a momentous positive welfare decision for the animals of Serbia:


  1. nkrstic@predsednik.srbija.yu



1. President of Serbia Mr. Boris Tadic

2. President of Serbian Parliament, Mrs. Slavica Djukic Dejanovic
3. Deputi of Public Attorney General of Serbia, Mrs. Gordana Stojanovic

4.Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Sasha Dragin
5. Director of Veterinary Department  of Ministerium of Agricult., Mr. Zoran
6.Minister of Environment , Mr.Oliver Dulic