USA: Brigitte Bardot (Foundation) Speaks for People and Sends a Clear Message to Governor Palin

Brigitte Bardot has this week delivered a brilliant and superbly strong, short and clear message to Governor Palin on the issues of aerial wolf hunting, the environment and Polar bears / endangered species lists.


In her message with devastating blows, Brigitte sums up the feelings to Governor Palin that all animal welfare and environmentally aware people across the World have.

In her closing sentence, Brigitte simply declares:


“I hope that you lose this election, because then the whole world will win !”


Bravo to the Fondation Brigitte Bardot for being the voice of caring environmental people across the planet who will endorse every single word.




The letter from Brigitte is as follows:





Paris, 7 Octobre 2008
Madame Sarah Palin
Gouverneur d’Alaska
P.O. Box 110001
Juneau, AK 99811-0001


More than two years ago, I contacted your predecessor to denounce the
cruelty of aerial wolf hunting. Today I am shocked to learn that you firmly support this cowardly practice, both morally and financially.

Your fight to keep polar bears off the Endangered Species list even though they are threatened by global warming demonstrates your total
irresponsibility, your inability to protect or even respect animal life, but
it’s true that for you, a good animal is a dead one!

By campaigning for drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,
you are putting an already fragile habitat at risk, as well as all the
biodiversity of a sensitive area that must absolutely be preserved.

Governor, by denying man’s responsibility for global warming, by being a proponent of the right to bear arms and shoot anything that moves, by making numerous declarations of alarming stupidity, you bring shame upon women and represent, all on your own, a terrible threat, a true ecological catastrophe.

Defending life means showing compassion for all the beings that populate this ailing earth. Since we are only on this earth for a short time, think of what you are leaving behind for future generations. ..

To finish, I beg you to no longer refer to yourself as a ‘pit bull with
lipstick’, since I can assure you that no pit bull, no dog, nor any other
animal is as dangerous as you.

In the name of the respect and preservation of nature,
I hope that you lose this election, because then the whole world will win!

Brigitte Bardot