Serbia: Welfare Alliance has Concerns Over Alleged Non-Abolition of Legislation – Official Herald RS No.29/94 – “for humane catching and DESTROYING OF STRAY CATS AND DOGS””

Despite the information and alleged agreements made on October 3rd; please see  it would appear that the Veterinary Directorate, who had several representatives at the October 3rd meeting, including Mr. Zoran Mićović, Head of the Veterinary Directorate, Mr. Zvonimir Rot, Councilor of the Head of the Veterinary Directorate and Mr. Budimir Plavšić, Head of the Animal welfare department, the Veterinary Directorate are distancing themselves from Act 29/94, which was ABOLISHED on 3rd October.


The following is part of the ‘Public Notice’ which was issued directly after the meeting of 3rd October:


“Apart from the decision that in Serbia, for the first time in Balkan region countries, will be implemented the only humane way of control of cats and dogs’ population, it has also been decided to abolish the implementation of the Act on Terms and Measures for Humane Catching and Destroying of stray cats and dogs (Official Herald RS, no.29/94) This means that as of today, October 3rd 2008, not a single cat or a dog can be killed by any zoo-hygiene service in the Republic of Serbia.    


Furthermore, this is a signal to all local governments in Serbia (135) to immediately start with implementation of the republic Law on Veterinary practice (The local government is obliged to organize a zoo-hygiene service on its territory for the following activities) and of the Paragraph 1 of this Article (to catch and place the abandoned animals in the animal shelters)”.


As 24th October, after investigations by alliance members, the 29/94 Act was still being displayed on the Veterinary Directorate web site – The very same act which was abolished on October 3rd and the Veterinary Directorate being the department which has three senior representatives at the October 3rd meeting !


Despite promises being made on 3rd October, campaigners are aware that Act 29/94 is still being regularly implemented.  As can be seen from the web site published Act, Office Herald RS No. 29/94 is titled

the ACT on the terms and measures for humane catching and DESTROYING of stray cats and dogs



The Official Herald RS No.29/94


In accordance with the Article 8, Paragraph 2 of the Law on Medical Protection of Animals (‘’Official Herald RS, No.37/91, 50/92, 33/93 and 52/93),


the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management announces



the ACT


on the terms and measures for humane catching and DESTROYING

of stray cats and dogs



Including some of the following:


Article 1


The sanitary service in charge of catching and destroying of stray cats and dogs …….


Article 2


The facility for destroying stray cats and dogs …..


Article 3


In order to provide the terms for human catching and destroying of stray cats and dogs …..


Article 5


Rooms for keeping of collected cats and dogs must ………….


Rooms for equipment for humane killing of cats and dogs and for dead animals


Article 6


The sanitary service in charge of catching and destroying of stray cats and dogs ……


Article 8


After the time period from Article 7, paragraph 2 of this Act, and if the owner of a cat or a dog does not take over the animal, they must be killed in a humane way, except for the cats and dogs which are to be given to research institutions.


Article 9


Transport of collected cats and dogs, and transport of dead bodies must be performed by a specialized motor vehicle …



This Act shall come into force eight days after it is published in the ‘’Official Herald RS’’.






Belgrade, April 12th 1994



The Minister


Mr.Ivko Djonovic



According to the Public Notice of 3rd October, from that day, the Act 29/94 was ABOLISHED.



The Public Notice also declared:


“According to Mr.Mićović, the Project will be realized in cooperation with the European Union”.


In the EU Intergroup letter to President Tadic on 21st October, the EU declared:


“The respect of animal protection is also part of the acquis communautaire. As a potential candidate to join the European Union it is therefore in your interest to improve the welfare conditions of all animals in your country”.


The alliance and the EU ask why Act 29/94 is allegedly still being used nationwide in spite of an abolishment of the Act on 3rd October ?


The findings and information given in this article will be presented as evidence to the EU Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals.

Full Serbian and English (translation) copies of Act 29/94 can be viewed by accessing the following :

SERBIAN – 29-94-pravilnik-o-hvatanjupasa-i-macaka-u-srbiji


ENGLISH – 29-94-regulations-to-trap-dogs-and-cats-in-serbia