India, Delhi: Home Needed for Abandoned Pup – Can You Help Please ?

Dear friends,
Please see pictures of a pup which is being abandoned by a retired senior IPS officer, who has suddenly lost his love for this dog, once he discovered that the pup is an Indian mix.
The pup was always in his home, so is perfectly healthy and is around 5-6 months old.
The pup is available in Dwarka, Delhi. I am the contact person ( +91 9868881566 ).
This is an exceptional pup and very very playful…so i hope he finds a good home immediately.
Please see his pics at the following link :
Rishi Dev

Denmark Disgraces the World With Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter

Please check out the excellent Wikipedia site about the Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter:

Whaling in the Faroe Islands has been practised since at least the tenth century. It is regulated by Faroese authorities but not by the International Whaling Commission as there are disagreements about the Commission’s competency for small cetaceans. Around 950 Long-finned Pilot Whales (Globicephala melaena) are killed annually, mainly during the summer. The hunts, called “grindadráp” in Faroese, are non-commercial and are organised on a community level; anyone can participate. The hunters first surround the pilot whales with a wide semi-circle of boats. The boats then drive the pilot whales slowly into a bay or to the bottom of a fjord.

Most Faroese consider the hunt an important part of their culture and history. Animal-rights groups criticize the hunt as being cruel and unnecessary, while the hunters claim in return that most journalists do not exhibit sufficient knowledge of the catch methods or its economic significance.

Links to more information and petitions: