Jamaica: Petition to Prime Minister Golding – Please Get Water Supplies Back On for the Dogs at The Animal House


Help Get Water back at The Animal House,



Honourable Bruce Golding, Prime Minister of Jamaica.

Sponsored by: 

Maureen Sheridan & Yvette Rubery

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Dogs waiting at The Animal House

The Animal House, the only no-kill animal shelter on the island of Jamaica located just outside of Ocho Rios, leases their premises from the Jamaican Bauxite Mining Company (JBM), which is government owned.  Up until recently JBM supplied them with both power and water.  The Animal House was advised that JBM would be closing its operations and the public utility companies would continue to provide these vital services going forward.  Animal House was never informed that there would be a disruption to the shelter’s vital power and water service, yet both services were cut off without notice.  Using a borrowed generator  they managed to keep operating while the power was disrupted.  Power was restored after several months, however the Animal House continues it’s work with no running water!  The Animal House staff and volunteers have been forced to carrying water in by hand and when possible trucking in water.  The shelter cares for over 150 animals, but they are still without water for the animals in this extreme tropical environment.  Upon further investigation of the water supply, the  Animal House found that a private company, National Meats, now leases the property formerly referred to as JBM.  National Meats has taken over the water line which they share with Animal House and decided to turn off the valve that supplies water to the Animal House.  National Meats was concerned they might incur additional expense maintaining the water line.  Animal House has also learned that the National Water Commission which was expected to take over the water supply no longer has intentions to do so.  Animal House has appealed to everyone possible including the Jamaican Prime Minister’s office.  A meeting was arranged between The Animal House, National Meats and the NWC neither National Meats nor the National Water Commission was willing to corrcet the situation.  The Animal House was told that they should collect rain water or pay for the installation of a new pipeline (US$15,000) after which the NWC would give them a water meter.  They are being forced to truck in water.  The situation is appalling and no one cares enough to rectify the situation. Animal House is grateful that after 5 months the power is back, which is truly a blessing, but adds “now if only we could get the water turned back on”.

Please help by signing this petition  and forwarding it to everyone you know and lets get the water turned back on for all those poor animals!  Thanks for caring.

Please help by signing this petition  and forwarding it to everyone you know and lets get the water turned back on for all those poor animals!  Thanks for caring. 

As a non-profit organization and one of a very few animal shelters on the island survival is difficult enough, but with no running water for the people who work there and the animals under the organizations care it is near impossible.  We know Jamaica has a big heart, can you please help?

Thank you for you time and attention to this matter.

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Uk: British Government Rejects Army Mascot Dog ‘Sandbag’ Coming back to Uk







UK – An animal rescue charity ( Society for Welfare of Horses and Ponies )


has offered to bring Sandbag ( mascot dog ) to the UK from Iraq. (and what about the kitty??? doesn’t any group want to step forward to bring Hesco to the UK????)

Over 33,000 people have joined a Facebook group supporting the ‘hero’ Iraqi dog


A petition to save the ‘hero’ dog was rejected by Downing Street yesterday but a ‘disgusted’ charity worker has vowed to defy the Government.

Sandbag the dog has been living with British soldiers at their base in Um Qasa, near Basra, and is credited with bringing them good luck.

When the base was handed over to US forces in May, authorities said Sandbag – and fellow mascot Hesco the cat – would not be returning with the British troops.

But now Emma Simpson of the Society for Welfare of Horses and Ponies has begun work to give the dog a home.

The charity will cover the initial £5,000 cost before launching a new foundation to raise the money. 

She told Sky News Online: “As soon as I heard the plea was rejected, I thought: ‘God damn it! He’s not bloody staying – he’s coming here!’

Emma Simpson was alerted to Sandbag’s plight on Facebook

Sandbag gained his name because of his golden coat and his ability to protect troops.

The Iraqi dog rumoured to have survived being shot five times.


More than 6,000 (just British) people signed a petition on the Number 10 website to ‘Save Sandbag the Dog’ – only for the plea to be turned down.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman was unable to say whether the offer of funding would change the decision, but said it was clear the dog would be well cared for in Iraq.

“Calls for Sandbag to be brought back to the UK were on the basis of fears that he might be put down, but American forces based at Um Qasa have promised to look after him, so he is in very safe hands,” he said.



The response from the British Government is as follows.

As with British politics today, animal welfare comes very low on their list of priorities.  Everyone and anyone can enter the Uk; but animals from Iraq ? – definite ‘No’.

Still, we all vote, and the British elections are soon; maybe time for a Green, non Labour, non Conservative government in the Uk. 




Thursday 6 August 2009

Sandbag – epetition response

We received a petition asking:

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to save Sandbag the Dog.”

Details of Petition:

“There is a dog that has been helping the Military in Basra and when the troops pull out he will be left there,probably to die! He must be allowed to return to the UK with the Troops he has served alongside.”

· Read the petition
· Petitions homepage

Read the Government’s response

Thank you for the e-petition regarding Sandbag the dog who has been one of two mascot animals, along with Hesco the cat, living with our troops at the port of Umm Quasar, near Basra, in Iraq. 

The Prime Minister visited Umm Quasar last December and announced that British combat troops would be withdrawing from Iraq in the first half of 2009.  This means that the base in Umm Quasar where Sandbag and Hesco were living has now been handed over to American forces. 

Our US colleagues have assured us that both Sandbag and Hesco will be well cared for.  Both are currently fit and healthy.  As they had lived on the base since birth, British forces felt that staying there would be best for Sandbag and Hesco. 

Commanders on the ground always take decisions on the future of mascot animals on a case by case basis.  The Government supports the decision taken in this case.