Australia: Urge the Government, Protect Roos Instead of Encouraging Australians to EAT Them !





From – Animals Australia

Queensland kangaroos are under threat from a state government plan to encourage Australians to eat our national icon. Please join me in voting against this cruel and unsustainable plan!


Dear friends,

You may have heard the recent good news that Russia has imposed a ban on the import of kangaroo meat, expressing a number of concerns including: ongoing meat contamination, animal cruelty, and the unsustainability of the industry.

Russia’s decision comes as a welcome relief to threatened kangaroo populations. Government data shows that Australia-wide kangaroo numbers are down 75% since 2003, with populations well below the accepted ‘sustainable ‘ level in most of the NSW, QLD, and SA commercial kangaroo shooting zones.

Unfortunately this good news from Russia may soon be counteracted by a Queensland Government plan to encourage more Australians to eat our national icon.

Australia holds the disgraceful record of having the largest commercial wildlife slaughter in the world, with around 4 million kangaroos killed each year. Orphaned joeys are amongst those who suffer most. Their fate is to be killed by decapitation or having their heads smashed against a hard object, such as a tow bar.

Please help us urge Premier Anna Bligh to protect roos instead of encouraging Australians to eat them.

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Uk: Petition to Ban the Sale of Kittens in Pet Shops – BUT FOR UK CITIZENS ONLY






As this is a petition to the Uk Government and has been set up by Uk citizens, it is only open for other Uk citizens to sign.  Your Uk postcode needs to be given, and so signatures from elsewhere in the world will automatically be rejected.

Downing Street is working in partnership with the non-partisan charitable project mySociety to provide a service to allow citizens, charities and campaign groups to set up petitions that are hosted on the Downing Street website, enabling anyone to address and deliver a petition directly to the Prime Minister.

History of No.10 Downing Street, London: 



The petition calls for a ban on the sale of kittens from Pet Shops.  The content of the petition is as follows:

We believe the buying and selling of kittens from pet shops and other retail outlets, and the keeping of such animals on these premises for the purpose of sale:
– is detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the animals concerned
– actively encourages backstreet breeding of kittens for financial gain
– has the very serious effect of ensuring that the many thousands of cats and kittens already in rescues up and down the country have less chance of being rehomed.
The petition link is: