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Creemos que los animales merecen derechos fundamentales, como el derecho a la vida, a la libertad, a no ser torturados y a no ser considerados propiedad.
Somos un grupo de activistas por los derechos de los mas indefensos: los animales
Cada una de esas criaturas tiene el mismo derecho a la vida y a la libertad que nosotros.
Promovemos la libre circulación de contenidos de defensa animal. Somos totalmente abiertos a la cooperación entre asociaciones/grupos.

Peticiones de FIRMAS y otras formas de AYUDA ON-LINE por los ANIMALES

Ayudanos a difundir toda la información que publicamos. A veces, la pluma es realmente más poderosa que la espada, ¡y no hace falta ser Neruda!
Escribir cartas a periódicos, empresas y legisladores es una manera fácil y efectiva de ayudar a los animales.

“No dudes nunca de que un pequeño grupo de personas concienciadas implicadas en una causa pueden cambiar el mundo” — Margaret Mead


India: Beautiful Pomerian Found In Park, In Need of Home





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From: Madhu Goyal <>
Date: Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 10:58 AM
Subject: FW: DOG NEEDS HELP…URGENT.need help!!!!

Hey guys,

I found a beautiful pomerian dog who is not even 1 yr old in my park yesterday.


He looks like a pedigree pomerian. Very calm and a good-looking dog.

If you or any of your friends can find a home that would like to adopt him….please contact me….

I dont feel like giving him to any animal shelters.


Please contact me soon….


Somna 9811693726 or call me at 9811152992 -Geetika

South korea: Petition – To stop 2 million dogs being brutally killed in South Korea every year

South Kores

By signing the petition I support the following:

  •  Animal torture should remain illegal in all forms and in all countries.
  • The government of South Korea has to ensure that Animal Protection Laws are followed in their country.
  • Dogs are people’s companions and helpers, not livestock for meat.
  • Dog farms, raising dogs for food and killing them for meat should be made illegal.
  • Selling dog meat in restaurants has to be banned.

This petition has already been signed by 123 776 people.

But the target is 1,000,000 signatures.

Please ensure yours is one of them.

Please crosspost.

Over 2 million dogs are brutally killed in South Korea every year.

That’s over 5,000 dogs a day who get strangled, burned, electrocuted or beaten to death for their meat.

The South Korean government has accepted Animal Protection Laws which make animal torture illegal, but those laws have never been properly enforced in the country. The dog meat industry continues to thrive and the officials are reluctant and indifferent to ban it. Oh, sorry, except during the 1988 Seoul Olympics and 2002 FIFA Cup when dog meat restaurants were forced to shut down temporarily in fear of bad impressions of South Korea.

Although forbidden to advertise themselves on main streets or in English, over 6,000 restaurants today serve dog meat in South Korea. And they don’t get closed down.

Uk: Sea Shepherd Campaign ‘Operation Musashi’ / Uk Green Party (and) Membership Information





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The feature article at the end of this post is one from the 2009 Summer issue of ‘Green World’, produced for members by the Green Party of England and Wales. 

The article relates to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) and is prepared by Uk SSCS Director Steve Roest.  Steve is also a UK Green Party candidate and has recently returned from ‘Operation Musashi’ in Antartica where they have been battling against the Japanese whaling fleet.


Mark Sanders-Barwick, also a SSCS volunteer, talks to Steve about his reasons for joining the Antartica campaign.

Please see our post of December 2008 (link directly below) for more information and video footage of the SSCS campaigns:


About the Green Party


Membership Link:

green party logo

The Green Party of England and Wales is a growing political movement promoting social and environmental justice through campaigns, direct action and the electoral process.

Elected Greens 

Green representation is increasing at all levels of government. After the local and London elections in 2008, the Green Party of England and Wales had more than 100 parish councillors, 125 Principal Authority councillors, two members of the London Assembly and two Members of the European Parliament.

In Scotland, the Scottish Greens have two Members of the Scottish Parliament and since 2007 there has been one Green MLA in Northern Ireland. 

Our Principal Authority councillors sit on Borough, District and County Councils all over England and Wales.

Policy:  Animal Protection

Annually in Britain, over 3 million animals are used in experiments. They are poisoned, scalded, infected with diseases, crippled, blinded, starved and brain damaged, all for scientific purposes.

Every year, there are 850 million animals slaughtered for food. Most of these animals are farmed intensively, never breathing fresh air or seeing daylight. They are highly susceptible to disease and antibiotics are used routinely to suppress infection and promote growth. Their needs are ignored in the pursuit of profit.

Animals are capable of feeling physical pain and mental distress: they deserve to be treated with respect, and protected from cruelty. However, today in Britian, their habitats are increasingly under threat, they are still used for ‘entertainment’ in circuses and zoos, and they are hunted for ‘sport’.

The Green Party believes that animals have the right to live in safety, without fear or pain caused by human exploitation. We seek a more peaceful world, where all life is respected and all cruelty challenged.    

The Green Party would:


End all animal experiments, replacing them with more reliable non-animal alternatives.

End factory farming, stop promoting factory farming abroad and encourage a reduction in meat consumption. We would also ban live exports, and the genetic treatment of animals.

Protect habitats, ban bloodsports and end badger culling. We would ban the use of animals in circuses and abolish zoos.

Don’t we need animal experiments to develop new cures and medicines?

Experiments on animals are unreliable as a guide to human biology. Different species react differently to drugs and toxic substances. Many drugs that cause damaging side-effects in people have passed animal tests. There are viable alternatives to animal testing including epidemiology, the use of cell cultures, human tissue and computer simulation. The Green Party would redirect research funding to such alternatives.

We are not associated with groups using violence to promote animal rights. We campaign for a fairer world, where everyone is treated with respect. We are opposed to the use of violence or intimidation for any cause. We support non-violent direct action, and work with those groups using peaceful methods to publicise animal cruelty.




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Serbia: Environmental Destruction at Babin zub

Serbian  Flag




Please refer to our other post linked below to witness the environmental destruction going on at the moment within Serbia.

The place below is called Babin zub.  The pictures speak for themselves, showing the destruction of the ground soil and all the plants, and the redirection of the water from the mountain stream / river.

The pictures are from July 2008, but this Summer (2009) the work and destruction is continuing.