Serbia: Governments Attitude to Ineffectively Trying to Reduce Stray Dog Numbers by Mass Killing, Results in Politician Being Attacked by ….. Stray Dogs who Have Avoided the Killings and Produced Yet More Strays !






A senior member of Serbian president Boris Tadic’s party was
hospitalized after being attacked by a pack of stray dogs
outside parliament, reports said Friday.

Jelena Trivan, a parliamentary deputy and spokeswoman for Tadic’s ruling
Democratic Party, was rushed to hospital late Thursday after being attacked while walking to her car. after being treated for deep leg wounds, Trivan was described as “stable.”

Animal rights activists said the city was to blame for failing to solve the problem of Belgrade’s thousands of stray dogs.***  


SAV Comment: ***

This attack is a direct consequence of Serbian authorities refusing to properly address the situation of stray (unowned) and roaming (owned) dogs using a No Kill strategy.

It is also proof that the current and past policy of the Serbian government to simply kill all animals in some futile attempt to try and reduce animal numbers is obviously not working.  If animal numbers were reduced by the (government / authorities) mass kill policy, then in effect, attacks on people by packs of stray dogs would be a thing of the past.

As there are still packs of stray dogs on the streets as this situation shows, then the current government policy is obviously not working, as we have always declared.

One thing which does work, which has been told to the Serbian government time and time again, with no effect, is for a national programme of no kill sterilisation for both stray (unowned) and roaming (owned) dogs.  As we have always said, sterilised animals cannot produce more offspring; unsterilised animals can.

We have asked for a programme where all owned pet animals are also sterilised, so that if these same animals go walkabout during the day, or are turned out daily as is often the case, they cannot mate with other animals and produce yet more stray dogs !

This is basic intelligence, but somehow the Serbian government do not seem able to grasp it.

The Serbian government needs to act now in light of this situation and introduce legislation which ensures that all stray (unowned) and roaming (owned) dogs are sterilised.  This is the only way that dog population numbers will reduce and that future attacks such as this do not happen again.

Things could now go one of two ways:

1)                  the Serbian government see sense and introduce no kill sterilisation for all dogs, thus resulting in reduced animal numbers in the long term; or

2)                  they decide on a mass kill policy for all stray and roaming animals, much as they have done in the past and at present, which given the attack now in the news by stray animals, actually does nothing in the way of reducing dog numbers.

One could say that this attack is a message to the politicians that their current policy of mass kill is wrong and that they are effectively reaping what they have sowed !

The attack was something which could have been avoided with some common sense, future thought and planning by the Serbian government.  They have not done it and this is the result.

NO KILL STERILISATION – the only way to go for reducing stray and roaming animal numbers.

And the proof yet again to the Serbian government is detailed in the evidence below:


The following is a link to a Serbian newspaper article on this incident and includes a picture of the politician who does nothing to address the stray dog problem.

The article is a good one in general, because it declares that Mr. Dragan  Djilas, Belgrade City Mayor, has declared that all the time he is the Mayor, nobody will kill dogs in Belgrade.  Instead they will build shelters, undertake sterilisations, and insist on responsible animal ownership.

This was fully supported by Elvir Burazerovic, the President of ORCA.

At last it may becoming clear to everyone that simply building animal shelters alone is the not the way to reduce animal numbers.  We thank Mayor Djilas who is the first politician bold enough to come forward and declare that simply killing animals is not the way to solve the population problem.  Mayor Djilas states that both responsible (owned) animal ownership and the control on the reproduction ability, ie. sterilisation, is the way to move forward.

Mayor Djilas would appear to echo our thoughts and declarations on animal numbers control in Serbia.  But at the moment it would appear that words are all that is coming from Mayor Djilas; the actual putting into practice of the words has not yet been seen.

For example, we are informed that at this time, there are two Shinter teams out on the streets trying to find the dogs which attacked Jelena Trivan; and we all know what Shinter teams are about ! – teams which WILL KILL dogs in Belgrade; in direct opposition to the words of Mayor Djilas !

If the shinters do find the dogs responsible for the attack, then the dogs will be put into the terrible OVCHA shelter. 

Many people have commented in the newspaper that their children come first and that there is a need for the extermination of the dogs in Belgrade.  What these same people fail to realise is that there has been a policy of mass extermination of dogs in Serbian cities being attempted for many years.  And where are things now ? – judging by the fact that a politician has been attacked by stray dogs, who still exist, is it not fair to say that a policy of mass extermination to resolve the ‘problem’ is simply a pipe dream !

A policy of mass sterilisation and vaccination of dogs will see a reduction / eventual elimination of stray dog numbers, but until the Serbian government accepts this, and more importantly, puts a programme into place, nothing will ever change.

We have asked the Serbian government many times in the past for actual data showing how effective their policy of mass killing is in relation to reducing stray animal numbers.  We have never ever been provided with any data.

Does this not say something in itself ?????

Serbia: More Major Environmental Destruction Planned – Your Help Needed to Raise Global Awareness











As you, our campaigner friends may be aware, on previous SAV posts we have attempted to raise awareness globally of the environmental destruction being undertaken within Serbia, with the full support of the Serbian government.

Here are links to our previous post relating to ‘Stara Planina’  and to the river Rzav campaigns; both regions of outstanding natural environmental beauty, and which are now scheduled for complete devastation due to the governments own interests:

Although an animal welfare NGO, we at SAV wish to give our full support to any campaigns within Serbia which is doing whatever it can to save flora and fauna from government destruction.  We have been contacted again asking for support, and the information given below is a direct repeat of the data we have been provided with.

As we have a global network of supporters, we ask you please to crosspost this information to as many media and environmental organisations as possible within your own country.  As Serbia wishes to become an EU member state in the near future, it is especially important that EU MEPs from across the entire union are given a summary of what destruction the Serbian government are supporting, which appears to be in direct opposition to the Ramsar convention on wetlands protection, which Serbia signed up to. 

Some Serbian politicians are now prepared to annihilate one of the last remaining peat bogs in Serbia as well as this region of the Balkans.


We are fully aware that this information provided to us (below) has already been provided to Green Party Uk Members of the European Parliament.  We ask that the information be provided to all MEPs across the union, and that based on this policy, should EU accession to the EU even be considered, let allowed ?

Maybe some politicians are only interested in their own personal financial gain rather than in doing what is right for the environment; please see the following:

Whatever, word about the environmental destruction being approved by some members of the Serbian government needs to be told to the world.  Please join us in doing this.

Part of the wording below from our campaigner friends attempting to save the environment in Serbia declares:

“Currently we are preparing our material for the relevant courts in Serbia, some of the material has already been forwarded. We wish to do all we can by ourselves, but are not sure in our success”. 

Lets work together and do what we can to inform the world of a potential environmental timebomb happening within Europe.


Stara Planina PETITION:








Message as supplied to us:

(Note – Bold added by SAV)



As we have contacted You dear Mark , and You dear Caroline ,at the beginning of this year concerning the ski resort on “Stara Planina” in Serbia and the devastating effects in this officially proclaimed Park of Nature, we are free to inform You on the recent developments which are further devastating this region.

Just to mention, new ski resorts are planned on other mountains in Serbia, turning the country into a playground, all accelarated thanks to a minor coallition party in the Serbian Parliament.,while the countrys’ financial situation is on the verge of collapse and the country lives on credits and donations (100 million EUR promised during the last few days by the EU). All this will not be further elaborated, we hope to make a further analysis of this soon.

Concentrating on the place called “Jabucko Ravniste” (pronounced:Yabuchko Ravnyshtae, meaning Apple Plateau) part of the Nature Park «Stara Planina», we wish to elaborate on this and ask for You further help and possible influence.

“Jabucko Ravniste” is one of the three larger peat bogs left in Serbia on which the protected insectivorous plant Sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) grows (the other two peat bogs are on Mt. Kopaonik, already devastated by ski resorts although also a National Park and region of artificial lake “Vlasina:, this bog although protected is threatend by the drainage from adjacent agricultural land, bringing in artificial fertilizer and pesticides). 

“Jabucko Ravniste” is in the second zone of protection where no building should be allowed, but a tender was announced for this place in the “Financial Times” May 5th, 2008, p. 5, as well as in domestic newspapers. This call for investors was written by the Ministry of Econom,y and Regional Development led by the parliamentery group which intends to devastate ecologically the whole country.

As far as we know, this call for investors from abroad failed, but works are on the way as witnessed by members of our group in July of this year.

The devastating effects of the ski slopes may be seen on GOOGLE EARTH  

coordinates N  43º 22′ 28.51”    E  22º 32′  20.32”  .


After the runways have eroded the deforested area, now plastic nets cover the ground called «Gabions». What is seen on GOOGLE EARTH is only about one fith of what is planned.

The hotel complex is to be built about 3 km from here on the mentioned peat bog in the region approx.

In coordinates   on GOOGLE EARTH   N  43º  21′  56.19”  E  22º  37′ 17.12”   .         

Serbia signed the Ramsar convention on wetlands and is now prepared to annihilate one of the last remaining peat bogs in Serbia as well as this Balkan region.  What impact will all this have on the water rersources in Serbia one must not think.

It is a fact that almost all flowing and still waters in Serbia are totally polluted, epidemics appear locally, but it is a question of time when the whole country will suffer from lack of water.

Much of the water is not suitable even for livestock.

The Government is not agile in the prevention of pollution but does support these playgrounds. Lower down from this peat bog, along the road leading to the first village under the mountain, a small river had a dam rcently constructed on it and along this road,

pipes are placed to carry water all the way up the mountains, presumably for producing artficial snow !!!!

Currently we are preparing our material for the relevant courts in Serbia, some of the material has already been forwarded. We wish to do all we can by ourselves, but are not sure in our success.

We ask You to support us in our quest to save Serbia from the ecological disaster planned by a minority.












All negative effects on the environment in Serbia will in the future effect the EU. At Your doorstep You will have a large  hungry and thirsty  population living in a semi-desert environment. You will either have to move these citizens to other places or let them starve or spend huge amounts of EU tax payers funds for rescue.  

We hope You understand the urgency of strong action and sincerely hope You will help us to avoid the dark consequences. 

Please help us and stop them  as soon as is possible.

*** Please Click on the following image:  ****

save stara planina