India (Kalkaji area and Delhi): Several Dogs Looking for Adoption






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From: Angel Eyes <>
Date: Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 10:02 PM

Hi all,

Our team has rescued an abadoned White Spitz – Male, from Kalkaji area today morning.

He looks no more than 2-3 years in age.

He is very friendly, extremely affectionate and in urgent need of a big-hearted family to adopt him and help him start a new life.

** Those interested to adopt him, please call at any of the following numbers – 9810560230, 9971984151, 9891619916, 011-25754151.

Kindly circulate this emails amongts friends and associates.

Angel Eyes Animal Welfare Foundation

Sorry no photo – SAV



I am sending some pics of canine members,three of them need a loving home.

1)  Burfi (neutered,very affectionate and friendly,good with kids)

2)  Khajela…….he is destiny’s dog,survived lot of hardships.

We call him “happy dog” cos he’s got a happy face inspite of all the troubles his body went through.(neutered,very friendly)

3)  Bela…she opens the gate on her own and knocks at the door whanever she wants to enter.(neutered,friendly and takes care of the house)


** 9868754699




India: Request for Home for Dog Hit by Stone and (?) Blinded in One Eye ?






efforts may fail, but do not fail to make an effort!

“Monitor alone uses more than half of computer’s total power. I choose to switch off the monitor everytime I take a break.”

Animals and humans suffer and die alike. …the same pain, the same spilling of blood, the same stench of death, the same arrogant, cruel, and brutal taking of life. 
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From: ronette rodricks <>

Subject: request help needed



I am writing to you with the hope that you will help me.There is a stray dog currently in BPSCA animal hospital.  She has just three legs when I had started feeding her. Recently she got hit in the eye with a stone and has been admitted in the hospital since.

It is likely that she will not regain vision in her eye after surgery.

Please see her photo attached before some  person decided to steal the light out of one of her eyes.


Looking for a big hearted kind soul who loves animals and who will be ready to adopt her and give her a home

***** Please do contact on 9833755513/9833605592  ******


India: ‘Truffle’ Is Missing and Needs to be Found – Can You Help ?







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From: sakshii kharabanda <>
Date: 2009/8/20
Subject: lost dog details-sakshi kharabanda

hi mudita

here my 2 nd a half year old golden retreiver’s details


also responds to the name BOBO

BREED- golden retreiver

AGE- 2 yr 6 months old

SPECIFICATIONS- a red collar, trimmed hair (got a hair cut a few weeks back),one a slight cut

MISSING since SUNDAY 16’th august’ 09 fom the house

ADDRESS– 943 sector 9

                 FARIDABAD , haryana



We are ready to pay any amount either as reward or if anybody has sold the dog we will buy him back for more amount.



sakshi kharabanda



Uk: COME HOME TO ME (NEW HOPE) – Please Crosspost


This is in memory of all those gone before & hope for those still yet 
to return, & for those who have come home.

Please take time & spare a thought for the families missing their 
loved ones, whoever or whatever they may be…

I was inspired to write this song by the plight of a dog called 
Bruce …Please may he be saved.
(Please google save Bruce dog for 
more details.)

Also for all the mothers & families of the men & women who have been 
sent off to war, wherever they may be…

My wish for this song is to raise awareness & hope that at some point 
somehow my song could raise money to help the animals I rescue,…

Please forward on, as one day it may appear on a screen belonging to 
someone who could help me make that happen.

Thank you for your time. 🙂
& thank you to Dave Cherry for arranging beautiful music to my song. 🙂