India: Cuddle Anyone ? ! ?





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From: Sharad Yadav <>
Date: Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 10:18 PM
Subject: Live Wire Cuddle
To: “Rishi Dev (CFAR)” <>

Hi Rishi

Appreciate if you could share the message with your network.


Click on the following (Cuddle) link for lots of pictures of this beautiful little puppy:


The other day we went to a animal shelter for a “langar”.

We were fortunate to meet a tiny puppy but nonetheless a live wire. Full of energy, he was cute as a Cuddle, thats what we started calling him during our brief visit.

His character looked calm & intelligent as he knew what he was doing. For his age he looked mature but not without his sweet looks. Somehow I saw his personality a rare combination. 

I am sure he will be a company to keep.

Attaching some of his snaps.


In case somebody is interested to adopt, please give me a call and I will be happy to help !!!.

regards // Sharad

+91 9811799816

India: (03/08/09) Latest Dogs Requiring Homes – Can You Help ?






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From: IFSHA <>
Date: Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 10:55 AM
Subject: Female Pup needs loving home
To: “Rishi Dev (CFAR)” <>

Dear Rishi

Inserted is a picture of Paris a beautiful Indiam mixed breed female pup who is eleven weeks old and needs a loving family. She is vaccinated and dewormed and has the best temperament ever. If you could help find her a home I would much appreciate it.



Best wishes



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From: aparna bhatt <>
Date: Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 3:55 PM
Subject: Re:

Name : Benzie (Male) & Molly (Female)

Age: 2 mths

Location: Whitefield, Bangalore

Benzie & Molly

Conatct details:

Aparna Bhatt 097423-22280,   Mrs. Alka Bhatnagar  0 99862-13350

Email :

 Thanks & Regards,



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From: Sanam Karunakar <>
Date: Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 12:10 PM
Subject: Leo needs a home in Mumbai

Hey Guys !!!

Please help Leo find a home.. Hes 11 months old  labrador and extremely  loving and friendly.

Contact Leos Owner Priyanka  – 9987120202.



Please Help !!

Best Regards,

Sanam Rabadi Karunakar
Canine Behaviorist (UK)



Korea: Petition – Eating of Dogs and Cats – Please Sign

South Kores





BOK-days are the hottets day of the year in Korea.

They are also the days in which the greatest number of dogs are consumed. Many Koreans belive that eating dog meat will alleviate the the summer heat and increase a mans sexual prowess.

BOK-days this summer are: 14. and 24. of July and 13. august.


Photo – Dogs Going For Slaughter

The Korean government has not yet baned the slaughter and consumption of companion animals. The Korean government is much responsible for continuing cruelty to and abuse of Korean animals. As long as the consumption of dogs and cats continues, so does cruelty to animals. Therefore the government must establish the law that prohibits the slaughter and consumption of dogs and cats for meat.

You can help! – let us continue to pressurize the Korean government to make a law that prohibits the consumption of dogs and cats, please sign the petition: Animal abuse in Korea and forward.


Hanne Stajner

See more pictures on this site: 

it belongs to:  Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS)


Turkey (Again !): Terrible Animal Suffering at Altindag Municipality in Ankara – Deluge the Mayor With e Mails; Demand He takes Action Now !!







Turkey Discover

Dead dogs, prison style cages, puppies with more ticks than you can count on them: there goes the Altindag Stray Animal Rehabilitation Center in Ankara….

(warning: very disturbing images).

There are no words to describe the suffering of these dogs.

‘Well – thought decisions, right steps’.  

– That is the motto of the Altindag Municipality in Ankara.



Now, we invite Mayor Veysel Tiryaki to take the right steps; and correct the disastrous conditions at this particular facility.Please join us and write to the Altindag Municipality yourself:

Mayor Veysel Tiryaki

Location: Altındağ,Ankara


Turkey Discover