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India (Mumbai): Honey and Milie Looking for Loving Homes






Hi friends,

Lucys pups were born on 4th March, and till now, Mikki, Messi, Rex, Tikki and Princess j are settled in warm loving families.

Only Honey and Milie are left for adoption. honey is very calm and sweet dog, with more fur. she has longer fur than our local dogs and her coat is very smooth, i m sure she will look much better if cared for well. she has a brown n black double coat, which makes her look little bit like german shepherd mix, but shes local after all!

Milie on other hand, has shorter coat, but i call her milie as she looks very much like the jack russel terrier milo in mask. she has got a brown face with whole white body. just a few spots of brown.

Both these girls are very healthy and plaayful, though milie takes time to adjust to a new person, but she will eat pedigree of ur hands even if u are a stranger 🙂
anyone interested can check their pictures on my blog.



If u are interested in adopting them, please reply to
to check the pictures of local pups and kittens adopteed into happy families, please check my blog- http://www.straysadopted.blogspot.comCharu

ps- i guess this is one of my last and desperate attempts to get them a home. they are almost 6 months old now, and i will have to accept them as STRAYS if they dont get a home soon.

Northern Ireland: Lost, Found and Unwanted Cats and Dogs Decreases

Lost, found and unwanted cats and dogs decreases

IT SEEMS that pet owners are ‘finally getting the message’
with the number of lost, found and unwanted cats and dogs

According to Louise from Benvarden Animal Shelter near
Ballymoney, the amount of animals coming into the pound has
gone down thanks to the success of identification and
neutering schemes.

This coupled with the centre’s extremely successful rehoming
ensures that animals are quickly returned to their
owners or adopted within days.

Louise explains: “We have a very successful rehoming scheme
with animals not sitting for any length of time in the
shelter.  “We have also noticed over the past few months that the
actual number of stray, lost and unwanted animals has
It seems the dogs or cats are just not coming in the
same – it seems we are eventually getting through to the

“For years we have urged owners to join the identification
scheme and now it’s law. So whether it’s getting the animal
microchipped, having a licence or name tag, this enables us
to contact the owner
. In Coleraine and Moyle, our dog
wardens even take the animal back to its rightful owner
without it even having to come into the pound
– although
remember there’s a fixed penalty charge as it is an offence
to allow a dog to stray.

“Another bonus is that we are seeing less unwanted puppies
coming in and we believe this is down to the successful
neutering scheme.

“The Dogs Trust offer discounted vouchers with owners only
having to pay the first £15 – which isn’t bad for a
£80/£90 operation. Owners can find out more on the Dog
Trust website or contact their local Council.”

However the story is not all good as Louise believes there
are still ‘too many’ animals being left homeless or
neglected especially as a result of the Credit Crunch.

Louise continued: “Although it is getting better, we do feel
there are still too many animals being dumped. During
November, December and January our numbers did rise. This
was down to the recession and as people were being made
redundant, the first thing that had to go was their pet.

“Thankfully this has calmed down now, although we do still
get some animals brought in because the owners can’t afford
veterinary treatment.”

Outlining Benvarden’s successful ‘Adoption Scheme’, Louise
added: “Dogs are £55 and cats are £40 and this includes
the animals first disease control vaccination, being wormed
and de-fleed. All animals are re-homed with neutering
vouchers if they are not already done before they leave.

“We also have a great partnership with other businesses and
the local community who donate and volunteer their services.
I would especially like to thank Pets at Home, Jollyes and
Coleraine Pet Shop who kindly donate food for the animals
and advertise in store the animals who are available for
adoption each week. And also special thanks to our
volunteers who kindly give up their time to help fundraise
for the USPCA which is supported entirely by voluntary

“The USPCA is a charity to prevent cruelty, promote kindness
and alleviate the unnecessary suffering of animals.

Hopefully together we can encourage more and more
responsible pet owners and less and less unwanted animals –
I feel we’re getting there slowly but surely.”


Benvarden take in and re-homes dogs from both Coleraine,
Ballymoney and Moyle Council areas. It is open to the public
from 2pm – 4pm every week day.